Go Daddy’s Super Bowl Commercial feat. Bar Refaeli is Haunting

Bar Refaeli Super Bowl Commercial

Shock value and sex. When these two elements combine in Go Daddy’s Super Bowl 47 spot, they created one powerful commercial. Powerful in a way that it caused a lot of noise. This is far from being a good ad. But it did get people talking and that kissing noise will forever haunt my dreams. Continue reading

Review: Beyoncé Out Performs the 49ers During the Super Bowl 47 Halftime Show

Beyonce Super Bowl 47 Halftime Show Review

If you happened to disregard this year’s halftime show at Super Bowl 47, you missed one hell of a performance. Despite many unenthusiastic acts as of late, this year’s Super Bowl pulled out all the stops when Beyoncé commanded the stage and captured the world’s attention. From start to finish, Beyoncé owned the show. Some may have even preferred seeing more of the bootylicious diva than watch the rest of the Super Bowl.  Continue reading