9 Disturbing Movies on Netflix You Shouldn’t Watch on Valentine’s Day

9 Disturbing Movies on Netflix You Shouldn't Watch on Valentine's Day

Perhaps the most polarizing holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day is meant to be the celebration of love. Whether that means between a significant other, family, or friends, it’s up to you to decide. There are plenty of great movies on Netflix about romance and the ideal interpretation of Valentine’s Day, but then there are some other films that just won’t sit right in your stomach if watched them on that special day. These would be good on any other day if you have the itch to watch something completely unnerving. Check out 9 Disturbing Movies on Netflix you SHOULDN’T Watch on Valentine’s Day after the break. Continue reading

Box Office Battlefield: Amelia, Astro Boy, Cirque Du Freak: The Vampires Assistant, and Saw VI

battle field

Woo! Movies! Woo! Horror! Woo! October! Got a lot of new films this weekend that will spark your little Halloween freak in you. Well, possibly anyways. But there are some movies that you may find to your liking this weekend of October 23, 2009:

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