Retro Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 3

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Paranormal Activity was a step in the right direction for horror. Unfortunately the follow up, Paranormal Activity 2, took audiences a step backward. Lucky for us, Paranormal Activity 3 pushes the found footage franchise two steps forward. With new directors and a terrific cast, PA3 resuscitates the Where’s Waldo of horror movies and brings us the best scares yet. Continue reading

First ‘Paranormal Activity 4’ Trailer Debuts

Paranormal Activity 4 Trailer

The haunting continues with the fourth installment of the Paranormal Activity franchise. This low budget spook fest has garnered its fair shares of pros and cons, but it always continues to stay fresh compared to other horror series that have gone on to a fourth film. Paranormal Activity 4 will not be going backwards this time, but rather forwards – after the events of the first film. Watch the trailer after the jump! Continue reading