The Best Horror Movies on Netflix to Watch this Halloween [2013 Edition]

Best Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix for Halloween this Year

Halloween is nigh, and if you’re already all partied out or have stuffed yourself with enough candy to kill your dentist than your best option is to set yourself up with an all-night horror movie marathon. And if you have Netflix then you’re in luck. The uber popular streaming service has all the horror movies you need for a good night’s worth of blood, guts, and terror. After the jump, check out the full-list of recommended horror flicks to wet your whistle until next October.  Continue reading

Retro Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 3

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Paranormal Activity was a step in the right direction for horror. Unfortunately the follow up, Paranormal Activity 2, took audiences a step backward. Lucky for us, Paranormal Activity 3 pushes the found footage franchise two steps forward. With new directors and a terrific cast, PA3 resuscitates the Where’s Waldo of horror movies and brings us the best scares yet. Continue reading