Get a Sneak Preview of ‘Glee’ Season 4 Before the Premiere

Glee Season 4 Sneak Preview

The day has come, Glee season 4 begins today. Rachel Berry is starting her new life in New York City, Kurt appears to be stuck in Lima, and we’ll get to see where we left everyone else after their big win at the end of Season 3. New faces will be introduced, frenemies will be made, and “Call Me Maybe” will even become even more annoying that it already is. If you’ve re-watched all three seasons and still cannot get enough Glee in your life before tonight’s premiere, boy do I have a treat for you. After the break, get your first look at Glee season 4. Continue reading

Glee Counts Down to Season 4 with New Character Posters

Glee Season 4 Posters

Now I know what you’re thinking, Glee? That’s right, I have a soft spot for those wacky kids who get themselves into shenanigans, struggle through teen angst, and solve their problems through song. Season 4 of Glee begins this week, believe it or not, and FOX has so kindly been delivering fans wonderful teaser posters of all the characters. The countdown began two weeks before the premiere date of Thursday, September 13, and there are still three posters left. Check out the first eleven posters after the break, which include some new faces to this season! Continue reading