Get a Sneak Preview of ‘Glee’ Season 4 Before the Premiere

Glee Season 4 Sneak Preview

The day has come, Glee season 4 begins today. Rachel Berry is starting her new life in New York City, Kurt appears to be stuck in Lima, and we’ll get to see where we left everyone else after their big win at the end of Season 3. New faces will be introduced, frenemies will be made, and “Call Me Maybe” will even become even more annoying that it already is. If you’ve re-watched all three seasons and still cannot get enough Glee in your life before tonight’s premiere, boy do I have a treat for you. After the break, get your first look at Glee season 4.

We’ve been counting down to the season 4 premiere of Glee for the last two weeks since brand new character posters have been introduced every day, much like the American Horror Story: Asylum teasers – oddly enough, both shows are run by creator Ryan Murphy.

Among the new cast of characters we are introduced to Becca Tobin as Kitty (a new cheerleader looking to dethrone Brittany S. Pierce Esquire as head cheerleader, taking on the persona of absent Quinn Fabray), Melissa Benoist as Marley Rose (some new brunette Rachel stand-in?), Jacob Artist as Jake Puckerman (Noah “Puck” Puckerman’s half-brother), and Dean Geyer as Brody Weston (some new steamy dreamboat that is going to cause yet another love triangle in Rachel Berry’s life because it’s always about Rachel). Take a look at your new cast in this sneak preview video:

I have a problem with this show introducing so many new characters “right off the bat” as they put it. I don’t think this show was thinking ahead, ever. Did they never think they anyone would be graduating? Did they not think that other freshmen or other students wouldn’t want to join each school year? They were getting uproarious applause from McKinley High yet no one wanted to join because they weren’t cool even though all of the “popular” students were in Glee Club – makes sense right?

They could have been slowly introducing more new cast members than they did, but nope, just kept the same old gang every year. It was a nightmare introducing all of those new characters last season (Rory, Sugar, Sebastian, Harmony, Ricky Martin, Unique, Roz Washington, and Joe) and they hardly gave them any personality while keeping the season in one fluid direction. They better establish the characters off well in the first few episodes or we’re just going to get another scrambled season. Here’s a clip of the new character Kitty.

It seems like they do it pretty well stereotyping her character in the clip above, but how are they going to jam all of that exposition of new characters along with all the Rachel and Kurt emotional stuff, along with everyone else vying for a spot at the top of The New Directions? I really hope they aren’t just banking on this new Kitty character to replace Quinn, we’ve had enough of that bi-polar girl drama stuff, give us a fresh new character with real emotions, or just give me Santana.

For some sick reason they have also included Sarah Jessica Parker because…YOLO? – honestly I have no idea and I can’t wait to see that train wreck. And also new to the Glee family is Kate Hudson who plays Cassandra July, dance instructor for Rachel at NYADA. (After seeing Magic Mike this summer, and because Kate Hudson is on the show, they NEED to bring on Matthew McConaughey. It’s the only logical sense to bring Hudson on the show.)

Glee Season 4 Kate Hudson Sneak Preview

If you’re down with Kate Hudson being included onto the show then you might like this little video that gives you taste of her new character. I’m sure she’ll Gwenyth it up.

To get a full glimpse of Glee season 4 in action, FOX has been teasing fans with a promo video released last week. It looks like anyone can just up and switch schools like “Unique” who appears to be auditioning for The New Directions, Gleeks will be competing to fill the Rachel void, and Will Schuester looks just as clueless as ever.

Below are the last three character posters of the countdown now that we have reached the big day. Looks like they actually brought Schuester into a poster. I didn’t notice this until after the I wrote about the previous posters, but all the characters are Photoshopped together, they aren’t different even though they appear on multiple pictures. What cheap marketing tactics. They should have had the characters introducing some character charm that they have with each other. And they didn’t even bring Dianna Agron into one of the posters, shows how much they love her. Same goes with all those Glee Project winners that appeared on the show last season. Click on the images below to enlarge the posters:

Glee Season 4 Poster Sue Sylvester and Will Schuester Glee Season 4 Poster Puck and Blaine Glee Season 4 Poster Sue Sylvester and Rachel Berry

Season four returns with the entire cast, including Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, Heather Morris, Jenna Ushkowitz, Cory Monteith, Darren Chris, Mark Salling, and appearances by Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, Dianna Agron and more!

Glee returns tonight, Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 9/8c on FOX. Not that it had much competition, but it’s a good thing Community switched to Fridays.

Source: Glee on FOX YouTube Channel

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