Pikachu and Pokémon Friends Named Japan’s World Cup 2014 Team Mascots

Pikachu and Pokémon Friends Named Japan's World Cup 2014 Team Mascots

An amazing announcement was made this past weekend as Japan, in a partnership with Adidas, revealed that their mascots for the 2014 FIFA World Cup would be Pikachu and 10 other Pokémon. The electric mouse and pals will be heading to the football stadium to battle in Brazil for the World’s most prized possession in sports. Find out which other Pokémon made the cut after the break. Continue reading

T-He: One Vuvuzela To Rule Them All

The world has never seen such a dangerous threat until the World Cup came to South Africa. Now, striking terror in Middle-earth, the vuvuzela joins the fellowship in an epic scale. Check out the trailer for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Vuvuzela after the jump!

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