Walt Disney Gives a First Look at ‘The Muppets…Again!’

The Muppets Again First Look

Back with a vengeance, the Muppets head to London to begin production of The Muppets… Again! We’re going global for the sequel as the gang heads on tour across Europe. The team who collaborated on the first film is also returning. Thanks to Walt Disney Studios we have our first look of The Muppets… Again! and a plot synopsis. Check out that and more after the break! Continue reading

Recycled Hijincks Ensue in New ’21 & Over’ Trailer

21 and Over Movie Trailer

The first trailer for 21 & Over has just released, and although there are a few moments of hilarity, it all feels very familiar. Disapproving father character, check. A group of friends looking to live in the moment, check. Over the top shenanigans, check. Everything within the film takes place in a 24-hour time span, checkmate. We’ve seen it before, and the writers of The Hangover are at it again. Watch the trailer after the break. Continue reading

Jason Segal and Muppets Join Forces


Another long-standing series of sorts got a big push today as The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made! was also unveiled through a song and dance number by a whole slew of Muppets on stage. The film is indeed being written by Jason Segel (as we first found out about over a year ago) and it seems like the idea for this flick comes from another that was in development by Jim Henson himself back in 1985.  The idea had Gonzo directing a Hollywood movie and very quickly running out of money to make it, and it seems this same story will be at the heart of Segel’s Muppet movie. Though some of the more recent Muppet fare has been lackluster (Muppets from Space anybody?) I love these fuzzy puppets, and with Jason Segel writing, I don’t think this can go wrong.