Netflix Returns to Camp Firewood with WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER: TEN YEARS YEARS Trailer

Wet Hot American Summer Ten Years Later Trailer

A trailer for Netflix’s ‘Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later’ brings the camp counselors of Camp Firewood to 1991 Continue reading

Take Me Home Tonight Trailer

Take Me Home Tonight explores the adventure of youth looking for something more in life, something that is missing, and something that can be solved within one night of tom foolery. Seen many times before (I Love You, Beth Cooper; Can’t Hardly Wait; Hot Tub Time Machine), this youth comedy doesn’t really change the formula or attempt at being different. Outrageous antics ensue, relatives/friends try to push the antagonist forward to get his love, and something life altering happens within a span of one night. I’m not impressed with this trailer and I feel sorry for the pretty decent cast of Topher Grace, Anna Faris, Dan Fogler, Teresa Palmer, MichelleTrachtenberg, Michael Biehn, Chris Pratt, Lucy Punch, Michael Ian Black, and Demetri Martin. Watch the trailer after the jump to see for yourself.

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