Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ First Look and Poster

Abraham Lincoln Daniel Day Lewis

Last year, Steven Spielberg ended on a medium note. War Horse did exceptionally well with audiences while The Adventures of Tintin could have seen better days domestically. Now, Mr. Spielberg is heading back further in time to bring us the tale of Abraham Lincoln. There will be no vampires in this version, and hopefully no crystal skulls, but we can assume there will be an astounding performance by Daniel Day-Lewis. (P.S. the header picture is a fake.) Read on to check out the first poster and image from Lincoln. Continue reading

The Crazies Gets One More Poster

The Crazies gets one final poster before its release. This remake of a film stars Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell, Danielle Panabaker and Joe Anderson. The poster is pretty coolish for being bland, dark, and not revealing. The film looks pretty intense and hopes it can live up to its predecessor.