Neato: Assorted Fun Facts from ‘The Conjuring’ and Blu-Ray Giveaway

Fun Facts You Didn't Know About The Conjuring and Blu-Ray Giveaway

The Conjuring is no doubt one of the most frightening movies you will have seen in the last decade. James Wan has elevated himself to a level of horror that many directors only dream of. Scaring up over $300 million worldwide at the box office on a $20 million budget is quite the accomplishment. But there are plenty of facts aside from the box office numbers that make the production of The Conjuring much more interesting. After the break, learn more about the film and how you can win a Blu-ray combo pack. Continue reading

Young Adult Teaser Poster

Let’s face it, anything Jason Reitman touches turns to gold. With Up In the Air, Juno, and Thank You For Smoking under his directorial belt, Reitman has quite the track record to practically surpass his old man, Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters, Stripes, Twins, Kindergarten Cop). Even with Diablo Cody’s screenplay, I think Reitman has the experience to keep the over-the-top dialogue in check; Jennifer’s Body anyone? Check out the first teaser poster and plot synopsis of Young Adult after the jump!

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(Available as single-disc Theatrical Cut and 2-Disc Director’s Cut)twidvd-watchmen
For the longest time the Watchmen graphic novel was said to be “unfilmable”. Obviously, that’s a nonsensical notion. If we’ve learned anything from the Super Mario Bros. movie, it’s that any property can be adapted into a film, regardless of story (or lack thereof). The real question is whether or not it can be done well. And in the case of Watchmen, director Zack Synder found himself in a lose-lose situation. The problem with adapting any comic or novel for the big screen is that, more often than not, what worked in its original medium just doesn’t translate that well to film. Thus, the only solution is to make concessions by changing various aspects of the source material. In many instances, this process has yielded positive results (V for Vendetta, the latest Harry Potter films), regardless of what the frothing hostility of certain fanboys might suggest. Watchmen though, would only suffer from these types of changes. To significantly alter the source material would be to defeat the purpose of adapting it at all. Zack Snyder was clearly aware of this, and decided (with one notable exception) to remain as faithful to Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel as possible. While I strongly believe Snyder made the right choice, there’s no denying that the resulting film suffers from all the expected flaws that come with going down this route. The pacing is all over the place, certain twists and turns don’t carry the same weight as they do in the graphic novel, and uninitiated viewers may find themselves at a total loss as to what in the hell they’re watching. Simply put: As a movie meant to stand on its own, Watchmen is a failure. It succeeds, however, as a fascinating experiment and companion piece for those who have already read and loved the graphic novel. Likely not what the studio was hoping for, admittedly, but for people like me, it’s just about the best Watchmen film we could’ve asked for… even if, frankly, it probably shouldn’t have been made in the first place.

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Watchmen Deleted Beat Down

A preview of a Watchmen deleted scene for the director’s cut, which comes out in two weeks, has surfaced which shows the attack of Hollis Mason in more detail from the graphic novel. It’s pretty good and I can’t wait til the director’s cut DVD comes out. This version of the film will be about three hours long when it is released. This little deleted scene appeared on Topless Robot. WATCH IT.