Fantastic Disney Princess Cosplayers

I highly admire what lengths people go to fully commit to cosplaying (ex. Jessica Nigri). Not only are these people die-hard fans, but they love what they do and give off such a great vibe of energy. These lovely ladies have got the cosplaying art down to a science. Cinderella, Snow White and Belle are the funniest in this picture, but really this picture is just fabulously epic. Look after the jump for an extra special guest with the lovely Disney Princesses!

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TeeHee: Hipsters Are Invading the Magic Kingdom

I despise hipsters as much as the next person, but these Disney Princess Hipsters are absolutely hilarious. None of the Disney Princesses are safe when it comes to Internet memes. Aurora, Ariel, Belle, and all the rest can be seen expressing their hipster views after the jump with a guest appearance by Iago!

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