2012 Summer Olympic Games – Women’s Gymnastics (Artistic) Results

London 2012 Summer Olympics Womens Gymnastics

Every four years, women’s gymnastics at the Olympics become increasingly emotional and the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games were no exception. The four big powerhouses – Russia, USA, China, and Romania – battled their way to the top. And in the end, these women didn’t just medal, they created ever lasting memories that they will hold on to forever and we will never forget. Continue reading

2012 Summer Olympic Games – Women’s Swimming Results

London 2012 Summer Olympic Games Womens Swimming

Aside from the 10km marathons for both men and women, swimming in the London 2012 Summer Olympic Gameshave come to a close. With records shattered, dreams come true, and surprise performances, this year’s Olympic Games have been pretty phenomenal just within the first week. Missy Franklin and Ruta Meilutyte are just a few of the stunning highlights of this year’s games and you can see them all after the break! Continue reading

2012 Summer Olympic Games – Men’s Swimming Schedule and Results

London 2012 Olympics Michael Phelps

Stating the obvious, Michael Phelps is an aquatic beast. He’s Aquaman. He probably has gills. Entering this year’s London 2012 Summer Olympic Games, Michael Phelps came in with an astonishing 16 medals under his speedo. The all-time record of medals received by an Olympian was 18, until Mr. Phelps came along. With 17 swimming events, the men’s competition is more fierce than ever, with everyone gunning for the Americans. Continue reading