Discovery Announces Full SHARK WEEK 2017 Programming Schedule

Shark Week 2017 Summer Schedule

Seals and Seal will be fearing for their lives come July as Discovery Channel has begun to promote their biggest event of the year, Shark Week. The full programming schedule has just been announced, with this year’s specials to include appearances by renowned scientists, marine biologists, and of course Michael Phelps. Eli Roth will again be this year’s host of the 29th season of one of the summer’s most celebrated week of programming. The annual feeding frenzy will take place on July 23 through July 30 this year and is chock-full of prehistoric, fishy awesomeness. Continue reading

2013 Kids’ Choice Awards Nominees and a Cross Dressing Josh Duhamel

Nickelodeon Kids Choie Awards 2013 Nomineees

I’m glad to see where Nickelodeon is at these days. What better way to promote the 26th Annual Kids Choice Awards than with a cross dressing Josh Duhamel? The KCAs are devoted to the best in television, music, movies, and more with 22 different categories to vote on. See the complete list and more revealing Josh Duhamel pictures if you dare…  Continue reading

2012 Summer Olympic Games – Men’s Swimming Schedule and Results

London 2012 Olympics Michael Phelps

Stating the obvious, Michael Phelps is an aquatic beast. He’s Aquaman. He probably has gills. Entering this year’s London 2012 Summer Olympic Games, Michael Phelps came in with an astonishing 16 medals under his speedo. The all-time record of medals received by an Olympian was 18, until Mr. Phelps came along. With 17 swimming events, the men’s competition is more fierce than ever, with everyone gunning for the Americans. Continue reading