Top 10 Must Watch Horror Movies of the 2000s (So Far)

Top 10 Must Watch Horror Films from the 2000s

A friend recently issued me a challenge: come up with a top 10 list of the best horror films that are not torture porn or similar to Paranormal Activity. I accepted this challenge with the intention of upping the stakes: find good horror that is also more recent to this millennium that are not sequels, remakes or based on a zombie or virus like apocalypse. If you are looking for some new scares beyond the classics, take a spoiler-free journey after the jump to find out what you’ve been missing out on in the horror world lately. Continue reading

The Descent: Part 2 Official Trailer

Thanks to they have allowed us to view the new trailer for The Descent: Part II. I lovedddd the first one because it was so dark, scary, and you didn’t know what was coming. This one looks decent, but unfortunately you know what’s already down the cave. Hopefully they’ll up the ante to make this one just as thrilling as the last. They’ll have to pull some crazy stuff to get the ball rolling, but I believe it has potential.