Top 10 Must Watch Horror Movies of the 2000s (So Far)

Top 10 Must Watch Horror Films from the 2000s

A friend recently issued me a challenge: come up with a top 10 list of the best horror films that are not torture porn or similar to Paranormal Activity. I accepted this challenge with the intention of upping the stakes: find good horror that is also more recent to this millennium that are not sequels, remakes or based on a zombie or virus like apocalypse. If you are looking for some new scares beyond the classics, take a spoiler-free journey after the jump to find out what you’ve been missing out on in the horror world lately. Continue reading

This is Some Horror Geometry

A new trailer for the movie, Triangle, has come out recently and looks halfway decent. This horror/suspense film has Melissa George, Kathy Lutz in the Amityville Horror remake, who plays Jess. She will go on an adventure with friends on a boat and appears to wind up in the Bermuda Triangle, go figure. Their boat gets capsized and is picked up by some huge cruise liner; horror on a liner, hmmm Ghost Ship? I guess it’s the opening film for Frightfest and is expected to get a real positive response. This movie comes out October 16, but you can watch the trailer here: