T-He: Volkswagen’s “See Film Differently”

Volkswagen has more on their mind then just automobiles. VW has been seen sponsoring various film festivals these days and have been really taken with the  industry.  The See Film Differently campaign has been reignited after a few cute print ads that surfaced last year. The new campaign is focused on locations rather than cars within film. VW is calling it, “Turning the Camera On Locations,” visiting “a number of iconic film locations to see what effect the movies have had on the everyday lives of those who work there.” I love this idea. It is fun and the concept of imagining what real working people have to deal with when tourists visit must be a laugh and a headache.

Riding on the nostalgia train, Volkswagen has picked two infamous movie locations for TV spots focusing on Ghostbusters and When Harry Met Sally. You can check out the fun little videos after the break!

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