Neato: Animation Color Wheel

You meet a lot of strange and colorful individuals through all different kinds of animated features and shows. The genius minds over at decided to create an amazing spectrum of color utilizing various different animated characters throughout time in honor of The Smurfs releasing this past weekend. There are so many iconic figures in this wheel that it brings way too much nostalgia that I might strike a tear. Doubtful since I removed my tear ducts in a surgery last fall. Click on the image above to enlarge!

Dark Alternative Ending to Yogi Bear

Edmund Earle can be thanked for this parody, that has no association to Warner Brothers, which captures the dark essence between the relationship of Yogi Bear and Boo Boo. Paul Scheer can also be thanked for discovering this gem, which he tweeted a few weeks ago. Yes, I know how old this entry is, I’ve been lazy. I’m actually surprised it is still available to watch. You can check out the gritty Yogi Bear alternative ending after the jump!

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