Skynet is one step further to becoming real…

A.I. will take over the Earth soon if these silly video game developers continue on pushing the edge… very geniuous. E3 has just shown the first new age technology in the videogame wars.

Behold Project Milo

Created by Lionhead, this new videogame interacts you with a “boy” named Milo. This fellow will talk back to you in real time with conversations, show emotions,  play, and everything else you probably could think of. This is the new age of video games and video capturing. You can draw a picture and hand it to him and it will recognize what you drew. Intrigued? Check this out –

Project Natal

Another form of videogame that places you as the controller.  A new age of motion capture without all the little balls

around your body. This motion capture will sense your body type and motion to place you basically in the video game. It can sense dimenions and all as you can hit balls, drive and even paint. The controller wars are on even tho PS3 has demoed a new Wiimote like controller (ps3 motion sensor controller) , but it seems Xbox has one step ahead of them with Natal, 

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