Most Anticipated Movies of the Summer of 2009

Since I have been very engulfed with the film industry lately,
movies, and what not, I have compiled a list of those in which
I have high hopes of coming out in the near future and beyond!

June –

5 – The Hangover

12 – Moon

19 – Year One / The Proposal (I like Ryan Reynolds and this looks funny)

24 – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (I believe will make the most money of the summer, no bias)


3 – Public Enemies (Not a big Bale or Depp fan, but should be good)

10 – Brüno / I Love you, Beth Cooper 17 – (500) Days of Summer

24 – The Ugly Truth (Gerard Butler in a romantic comedy, enough said)

31 – Funny People


7 – G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra (not really wanting to see it after the trailer, but I’ll still catch it eventually)

14 – The Goods (Although I despise Jeremy Piven) / Paper Heart (Indie Michael Cera) / District 9

21 – Inglorious Basterds / Post Grad

28 – Halloween 2

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