Comic-Con 2014: The Coolest Exhibitor Booths at SDCC

Comic-Con 2014 Big Exhibitor Booth Photo Gallery

San Diego Comic-Con is here! All of the big studios, toy makers, comic distributors, and TV shows have brought some very innovative booths this year. From an animatronic Smaug to an Oculus Rift experience, exhibitors are getting more creative every year. Check out all of the best exhibitor booths that you can find inside Comic-Con after the break. Continue reading

Retailers Temporarily Price Drop XBox One to $450

XBox One Price Drop

In a move to stay competitive, Microsoft Stores and other retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon have reduced the price of the the Xbox One to $450, Following the successful release of Titanfall, a special bundle pack has been marketed at this new lower price, bringing many to believe this is the first step to an inevitable price drop. Hit the jump to learn more about how Microsoft new strategy to stir up the current console war. Continue reading

Side by Side Release Comparison: PS4 Versus Xbox One

Release Comparison PS4 Versus Xbox One

Game console heavyweights Sony and Microsoft are gearing up for the release of their new game consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, respectively. As November quickly approaches, both titans of gaming have unveiled their release titles and any extras that will coincide with the launch of each console. Check out a side by side comparison of what you can expect to find from the PS4 and Xbox One when they release November 15 and November 22 after the jump. Continue reading

Microsoft Officially Set to Release Xbox One on November 22, 2013

Xbox One Releases on November 22, 2013

The day has finally come for Microsoft enthusiasts to rejoice in celebration. The official release date for the Xbox One has been revealed. On November 22, 2013, the world will be able to wrap their paws around Microsoft’s most controversial gaming console to date. Debuting one week after Sony’s PlayStation 4, the console wars continue to heat up. Continue reading

Comic-Con 2013: Sunday Recap and Photo Gallery

Comic-Con 2013 Sunday Recap and Photo Gallery

As they say, all good things must come to an end. Sunday has finally reached Comic-Con 2013, and what a Comic-Con it was. From news on a Batman vs. Superman movie to the reveal of Avengers: Age of Ultron, there was not a geek or nerd that did not have to change their underwear at least once this long weekend. Sunday for TTRC at SDCC was all about catching up on all of the booths on the convention floor. After the jump, check out over 90 photos of what was hip and happening throughout the San Diego Convention Center on the final day of Comic-Con 2013.  Continue reading

Comic-Con 2013: Friday Recap and Photo Gallery

San Diego Comic-Con Friday Photo Gallery Recap

After a full day of panels behind me, I felt it best to explore the bounty of activities outside the San Diego convention center during Comic-Con 2013. This year, it seems as though there is twice as much to do than there was last year. It was a fun filled day full of video games, LEGOs, Comedy Central, and the SDCC Interactive Zone. Take a look at my Friday travels after the jump. Continue reading

Microsoft Listens to Xbox One Backlash; Used Games Now Allowed and No 24-Hour Internet Connection

Microsoft Listens to Xbox One Backlash; Used Games Now Allowed and No 24-Hour Internet Connection

Last week at E3 2013, Sony wiped the floor with Microsoft as the next-generation console wars waged on – Nintendo softly cried in the corner. After the press conferences, Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the clear choice for many gamers over Microsoft’s Xbox One. Many Xbox 360 loyalists were left in the cold with the announcement of a mandatory 24-hour Internet connection and the lack of ability to share used games. But now it would appear that Microsoft has decided to backtrack on their decision. Learn more about the announcement after the break. Continue reading

Microsoft to Reveal Next-Generation Gaming Console May 21st

Microsoft Xbox 720 Announcement May 21

A big announcement came out this week from the Director of Programming for Xbox Live, Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson. He revealed that on Tuesday, May 21, Microsoft will be introducing their next-generation gaming console to the world. Find out how you can tune in for all of the excitement after the break. Continue reading

My Thoughts on E3 2011 Day 1

Videogaming has always come second nature to me whether it involved sports, FPSs, RPGs, action, and all the rest. I have always been fond of the videogaming industry and this year I was able to catch all of the major announcements from Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA, and Sony today thanks to the lovely people at G4. Many big surprises and some disappointments. Mostly, I’ve found this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is somewhat average, thus far. I don’t own a Playstation 3 or an XBOX 360, but a lot of games they showed today really made me want to buy them, but nothing huge has struck my fancy. Read on and see what I thought of today’s events.

Continue reading

Skynet is one step further to becoming real…

A.I. will take over the Earth soon if these silly video game developers continue on pushing the edge… very geniuous. E3 has just shown the first new age technology in the videogame wars.

Behold Project Milo

Created by Lionhead, this new videogame interacts you with a “boy” named Milo. This fellow will talk back to you in real time with conversations, show emotions,  play, and everything else you probably could think of. This is the new age of video games and video capturing. You can draw a picture and hand it to him and it will recognize what you drew. Intrigued? Check this out –

Project Natal

Another form of videogame that places you as the controller.  A new age of motion capture without all the little balls

around your body. This motion capture will sense your body type and motion to place you basically in the video game. It can sense dimenions and all as you can hit balls, drive and even paint. The controller wars are on even tho PS3 has demoed a new Wiimote like controller (ps3 motion sensor controller) , but it seems Xbox has one step ahead of them with Natal,