Quick Notes part 2


I am busy with learning to new photoshop stuff so I’m doing quick notes today. Quick Notes are articles and blips that I do not feel on typing out full news that could just be viewed in shorts that I don’t feel are as important to rant about. They are all just a bunch of random hooblah of sorts that fell into this little section of fun and goodness after the jump:

• The big elephant – ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’ opens first day with $16 mil, 3rd to ‘The Dark Knight ‘ (18.5) and ‘Star Wars: Episode III’


General Zod comes to ‘Smallville’

M. Night Shyamalan has his own website to pick at his brain……

• Go behind the scenes of Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween II’

• Daniel Craigs goes to horror in ‘Dream House’

• ‘Pandorum’ opens up two weeks later than it is suppose to, so now September 18th

• Non-Humans have escaped as ‘District 9’ viral marketing continues

• David Fincher, director of ‘Benjamin Button’ and ‘Fight Club,’ is directing the social network movie based off of Facebook fame and rise to making it big from the book, Accidental Billionaires

• If you love cats you’ll love this, ‘Cat Ladies’

• The Oscar nominees expand to 10 instead of 5 for best picture

• FOX is up to no good with ‘Hitman 2’ is in the works

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