Super Bowl 44 Commercial Criticism

Yeah it’s been a month since I wrote these notes down and Super Bowl XLIV ended, but I figured might as well get it off my chest aka my desktop. So as the commercials piled up during the big game, I took a few notes on each one with criticism. I can say that there were hardly any good commercials and most were just sub-par. Some are just bad. What happened to Super Bowl commercials? Well how about we get into this shall we…… check out my Super Bowl commercial breakdowns after the jump……

Here they are, if you can read through my random note taking. Yeah I’m lazy, sue me. You can check out all the commercials over at to see what I am talking about in my notes.


Snickers – Bette White, who doesnt like bette white?

The Last Airbender, awesome visually and really makes you want to see the movie.

Dorito’s – Kid Slap, Funny-Cute, exceptionally well played out.

Dr. Pepper Cherry – Little Kiss Concert – I like the Dr. series and this one was pretty good.

Flo-TV : live mobile tv, no spine jason, change out of that skirt jason, to the point, blunt, funny.

Call Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother – marketing, I have no idea what the phone number lead to, but it was smart.

Vizio Internet Apps, – interesting visual

Emerald Nuts/Pop Secret – Dolphin people sutnts – Pretty cool, fun.

Dante’s inferno video game – Good music, visually awesome, make you really want to play the game.

Budweiser – nothing comes between friends, cow/horse, Forrest Gump? I have no idea what the FG reference is I noted down, but maybe you can remember. But this was a good classy fun cute commercial.

Audi A3 – green police, great idea, but kinda lost me in the product until the very end when they said what the product was. Obviously it hit point when they tried to make it known that this is a very clean car.


Robinhood Movie Trailer, interesting, nothing spectacular, another Ridley Scott/Crowe collaboration that will bank.

Simpson’s Coca Cola – too long, boring, enjoyable

Bud Light House, different, average

Motorola – Megan Fox cameo

Budweiser Bridge, meh, kinda unique, corny ending, not very imaginative

Budlight Vocalizer, only good part was a predictable T-Pain cameo – Violin beaver, meh, wasn’t too enthused with it, the beaver was kind of cool, maybe he’ll be in the new Mel Gibson movie? – Timothy Richmond, too long, interesting story though

Careerbuilder – casual friday every day, meh – free pants no pants, effective, can’t pass up free pants, the Interwebs was so flooded

Bud Light – Lost bevarage cart, lost tail coats

Dove Men Care – song fun, not exciting, little cheesey moments

Dodge Charger – Man’s last stand, being a man……… man getting bored

TruTV – Six more weeks of football, Poxatoni Polamalu, average, kind of interesting, but meh.

Harry Potter land of adventure theme park- shown earlier, its ok, lame graphics.

Intel Core Processor – sad robot, jeffery, meh

Flo-TV – The Who “My Generation” Will-I-Am remix, trying to hard to reach to boomers.

Denny’s free grand slam tuesday, bad day to be a chicken, sort of funny commercial, good time to announce the date.

Bridgestone – life or wife, cheesy humor

Coca Cola – african sleep walker, cute, but nothing over the top and it was a little boring and drawn out.

Google Commercial – ok due to the fact that Google doesn’t advertise

Kia Sorento – monsters/old toys large, traveling, fun, creative, yet long.

NFL – take/off fans commercial, meh

Miller High Life – what? giving others their air time? weird, ballsy and unique use of money used. Just like last year.

Honda – Polygon squirrel storage, meh,

Taco Bell – box delux rap, Dr. Suess rip-off? The most monotone rap ever.

Dorito’s – Tim’s dorito’s gym, meh, kind of funny

Bud Light – book club, sort of funny?


Bridgestone – save the whale/bachelor party/ hangover rip-off? trying too hard

Dorito’s – dog collar, lame, not funny

Bud Light – asteroid, unimaginative, just ok

Boost Mobile super bowl shuffle = desperate, need I say more

Dorito’s – funeral/fake death, weak

Carmax – dramatic hamster – “dramatically smart” lame, why rip-off an Internet “Star” when probably some people won’t get it.

Honda – “everybody knows somebody,” everyone knows this commercial sucked

Michelob ultralight, boring

kgb – sumo, surrender, kgb commercials suck

Voltswagon – slug bug 13 different “ones.” Why? Slug Bugs = VW BUGS not every VW, stupid, it won’t catch on.

Home – nat’l lampoons desperation rip-off? Hinted at new movie, but meh.

Etrade – baby, getting old, relationship baby, lame

Select 55 – boring

Walgreens – Valentines personal shopper, lame

Hynudai – car pass, I have nothing to say about car commercials anymore

Etrade – baby on airplane “1st class technology,” GETTING OLD

Complete Crap =

Tim Tebow – Tebow sucks and everything he stands for.

NCIS head slap, NCIS sucks and everything it tries to be

Teleflower – talking flowers, dumb, weak, lame, uncreative

Hyundai – Brett Farve, nostalgia unimaginatively lame

CSI Miami: star wars space promo, WEAK, STUPID RIP-OFF

Mercedes Benz – car through glass , dumb

Etrade – multiple babies crying, STUPID

Sketchers – shape ups? why? WHY?

GoDaddy massage- dumb, dumb , dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb

Go Daddy – newscaster interview with Danica Patrick, I’m done with Go Daddy.

Movie trailers Shown

Wolfman – Pretty cool, but did bad in theaters.

The Last Airbender – Awesomely cool looking

Shutter Island – hate movie trailers that tell you what the previous works are.

Alice in Wonderland – Fun cool whatever, it’s Burton and AIW, it’ll do fine in theaters.

The Back Up Plan – DUMB, no one care’s about J-lo anymore and no one will care about this move.

The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time – I am still convinced this will be pretty cool, but we’ll see

Basically all car commercials suck,  many unoriginal rip-offs, spoofs – dramatic gopher, star wars, superbowl shuffle, Nat’l lampoons vacation, Forrest Gump. Not too impressed and maybe next year I’ll pay more attention to the game and less for the commercials? Maybe? Who knows? Who cares? These commercials were so bland that I was very disheartened with the creativity of people. Economy hurt, maybe, but suck it up and produce something that creates results. It’s the Super Bowl, you should be on top of your creativity game and make people enjoy your commercials, not roll their eyes. Bud Light and Dorito’s overload with average advertising, I expect more from you. And what was with all the pre-SB commercial releases, the whole point of a SB commercial is the surprise of it during the big game, don’t release the commercials beforehand, DUMB.


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