Critiquing The Super Bowl 45 Commericals (Live Updates)

Today, Sunday, February 6, 2011, is the biggest day for the NFL all year, but also one of the biggest days for television  commercials as well. I’m going to be paying close attention to each ad and judge them based on a few factors: the entertainment value, creative originality,  and the effectiveness of the message. Hopefully this year the agencies and in-house creatives have stepped up their game as last year wasn’t anything to special. Let the commercials begin! Check out the ads after the break!

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Super Bowl 44 Commercial Criticism

Yeah it’s been a month since I wrote these notes down and Super Bowl XLIV ended, but I figured might as well get it off my chest aka my desktop. So as the commercials piled up during the big game, I took a few notes on each one with criticism. I can say that there were hardly any good commercials and most were just sub-par. Some are just bad. What happened to Super Bowl commercials? Well how about we get into this shall we…… check out my Super Bowl commercial breakdowns after the jump……

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