‘Friends With Benefits’ Delivers a Raunchy Red Band Trailer

Too often we are graced with the same formulaic romantic comedies that seem to never seem to push the boundaries of the genre nor give us something that makes it feel like we haven’t seen it before. Friends With Benefits wants to push these boundaries and bring us a new raunchy romantic comedy with some quirky goodness. Friends with Benefits does not seem like your ordinary romantic comedy, but it is not devoid of the of all the typical stereotypes within the genre. You can check out the hilarious red band trailer after the break!

Not to be confused with No Strings Attached that had a trailer released a few days ago, which was originally titled Fuckbuddies and then changed to Friends With Benefits by Paramount. Unknowingly unaware of the Will Gluck movie with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake that was also called Friends With Benefits, No Strings Attached was born and Will Gluck’s movie remained Friends With Benefits.

FWB looks like an older more mature dirty brother of No Strings Attached, but in the end has the same over all premise. The story focuses on two friends who get bored and become FWB, of course feelings get involved and their friendship becomes more complicated. I almost feel a (500) Days of Summer vibe, yet a lot less emo and more raunchy and mainstream.

Will Gluck is the writer/director of Friends With Benefits, who has also directed Easy A and Fired Up, which I thought were well done teen comedies. Friends With Benefits also stars Woody Harrelson, Jenna Elfman, Patricia Clarkson, Richard Jenkins, and Andy Samberg.

You can check out the red band trailer in HD at the official site or check it out below.

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