‘The Cabin in the Woods’ DVD & Blu-Ray Special Feature Details

The Cabin in the Woods

In no way, shape or form, should I have to remind you that the Joss Whedon produced film, The Cabin in the Woods, is unleashing onto DVD and Blu-ray this week on September 18. This is more of a friendly reminder of what you can expect to receive when you pick up your copy, because YOU ARE going to buy this movie to add to your collection. As one of the most unique, unsuspecting horror, action, comedies of the year, The Cabin in the Woods is the MUST OWN film of the year. Continue reading

‘Friends With Benefits’ Delivers a Raunchy Red Band Trailer

Too often we are graced with the same formulaic romantic comedies that seem to never seem to push the boundaries of the genre nor give us something that makes it feel like we haven’t seen it before. Friends With Benefits wants to push these boundaries and bring us a new raunchy romantic comedy with some quirky goodness. Friends with Benefits does not seem like your ordinary romantic comedy, but it is not devoid of the of all the typical stereotypes within the genre. You can check out the hilarious red band trailer after the break!

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