‘Friends With Benefits’ Delivers a Raunchy Red Band Trailer

Too often we are graced with the same formulaic romantic comedies that seem to never seem to push the boundaries of the genre nor give us something that makes it feel like we haven’t seen it before. Friends With Benefits wants to push these boundaries and bring us a new raunchy romantic comedy with some quirky goodness. Friends with Benefits does not seem like your ordinary romantic comedy, but it is not devoid of the of all the typical stereotypes within the genre. You can check out the hilarious red band trailer after the break!

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Will the Real Hal Jordan Please Stand Up……


So rumors/news/movie talks have been discussing, WHO WILL BE THE GREEN LANTERN?!?! Welllll apparently the front runners are Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake. I don’t think Reynolds should hog all the superhero glory, since he is deadpool already. Timberlake would be ok, he’d really have to beef up more and get rid of that voice. Cooper would be decent, he is seeing a lot of action lately and would be a recognizable face, but there is something dry in his acting and he’s only done comedies in big movies. I wouldn’t mind seeing a no name actor, but we’ll find out. Hopefully DC and Warner Bros. don’t produce another Superman Returns like film and create something that can stand against Thor and Captain America when they also come out in 2011. That must be the year of the superhero?