The Transformers Dark of the Moon Announcement Trailer Shows Hope for the Franchise

What seemed to be a lost cause after Revenge of the Fallen, Dark of the Moon has given the Transformers franchise a shimmer of hope glistening amongst the stars with their new “Announcement Trailer.” Check out the very sleek, well done, and not so “Bay like” trailer after the break along with over 50 hi-res stills!

By “not so Bay like” I mean no explosions, no hard hitting action or anything to that degree. I was quite surprised. This trailer is very safe for this franchise. It asks a lot of questions and sparks a lot of interest to where this story might lead. It is not in the present time and looks back to the Apollo 11 mission and the first discovery by NASA of the Transformers. The first teaser trailer for Revenge of the Fallen that debuted during the Super Bowl a few years ago was very in your face and had big action from the get go. And as you will see this is not the case; and I like that very much. I almost wish this would be the story/teaser trailer for the first movie.

My worst fear would be that the hired screenwriter, Ehren Kruger (Scream 3, The Skeleton Key, The Ring 2), would absolutely bury the rock’em sock’em Baybots due to his previous writing credits. But with Michael Bay leading the team again, I think the robots in disguise can be picked back up from the ROTF low blow. I don’t count out Michael Bay when it comes to action movies; the first Transformers movie was pretty decent, The Island was alright, and the Bad Boys series was not bad too. This announcement trailer could be the light in the darkness for the live action Transformers movies.

You can also check out the movie in 1080p at Apple Trailers too:

As you can see, this trailer leaves you asking a lot of questions.

• If Sector 7 found Megatron aka MBE1 30 years prior to this incident, why do they figure that they are not alone now?

This could be solved by the fact that NASA did not know because Sector 7 was still covering everything up and they were the only ones to know about it, until Apollo 11 discovered the ship on the moon.

• Who was the bot on the ship in the end?

Speculation would lead to Alpha Trion, with the beard and the eyebrows. Who also may be known as “Einstein bot” from previous location news and updates from shooting. Alpha Trion is one of the first 13 Transformers created by Cybertron to protect it from Unicron. Alpha Trion is one of the last remaining protectors of Cybertron.

• Now is this the ship we saw in the 2nd movie?

I thought so at first, but it does look a little different. There are a few symbols on the ship, that were orange, that would lead us to believe that it was the Autobot insignia, which could mean that this ship could be The Ark. That would be pretty cool. This could explain where the Autobots came from in the first movie, bu I am a little skeptical by that. And within the 2nd movie, wasn’t the Decepticon, Nemesis, on the moon too? How could the Autobots and Decepticons miss each other like that with their energy signatures or what not? They are going to have a lot of explaining to do about whose ship this is, who was on it, and where they came from.

And then we could just sit back and hope for the best when the movie comes around. I am keeping an open mind and I do not want their marketing to ruin the movie like last time. Stated before, ROTF’s first teaser showed the giant wheel bot with Optimus jumping on him, which wasn’t a huge part of the movie, it was a big set piece and “holy shit” moment because it was so big. All the ads for the movie showed almost every detail of the movie as well too. I hope this is not the case for DOTM or I will have to just change the channel a lot.

Click to enlarge the the trailer stills!

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