Turn The Right Corner’s 2-Year Reflection

With the culmination of July, we have reached the 2-year anniversary of when this little blog started back in 2009. I never would have thought I’d keep on going for this long, but hey, it’s working out quite well. Thanks to you peoples my viewership continues to rise and I am forever grateful that this is not just a waste of my time.

I believe my writing has gotten better through it and although over the past few months I haven’t posted as often as I would have liked, I see a brighter future where posts will happen daily. Thanks to a friends suggestion, I’ll be utilizing the publicizing tool more that way if I have writing binges I don’t have to post them all at once and can have new material daily! How do you like them apples?

Also if you hadn’t noticed I had finally purchased the domain name to TurnTheRightCorner.com! We’re a DOT COM now! How official. If you also haven’t noticed, I’ve also set up a Tumblr account: turntherightcorner.tumblr.com.

I know my numbers are probably miniscule compared to the millions of viewers a day that great sites like /Film, Screenrant, FirstShowing.net, or FilmDrunk achieve, but hey, I would have thought I’d be getting about 20 views a day, so that says something right? So again, thank you to the past, present, and future readers of Turn The Right Corner.

I should be pushing out some reviews from all the great and horrible movies this year as I have seen pretty much a good chunk of them. So keep your eyes peeled.

Oh! And I will get that damn header done one of these days. I promise it will be kind of cool.

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