A Look Back at Comic-Con 2014

A Look Back at Comic-Con 2014

You can put another San Diego Comic-Con down in the books. Over 130,000 pop culture fans from all over the world swarmed the SD Convention Center to partake in the 44th Annual SDCC this past long weekend. The convention juggernaut has grown leaps and bounds since 1970, and it only continues to grow in scale. After the jump, I reflect on my Comic-Con 2014 experience and the past three years at the big show. Continue reading

Reflecting on 1000 Posts – Where Do We Go From Here?

Turn the Right Corner 1000 Posts

On June 3, 2009, I embarked on a journey into the deepest reaches of the Internets – birthing what would now become, as you know it, Turn The Right Corner. Never having the intention to making it a fully-fledged website, TTRC has now grown to heights I never anticipated. Three and a half years later, the 1000th post has arrived. Keep reading to see what has, is, and will become of Turn The Right Corner. Continue reading

Turn The Right Corner’s 2-Year Reflection

With the culmination of July, we have reached the 2-year anniversary of when this little blog started back in 2009. I never would have thought I’d keep on going for this long, but hey, it’s working out quite well. Thanks to you peoples my viewership continues to rise and I am forever grateful that this is not just a waste of my time.

I believe my writing has gotten better through it and although over the past few months I haven’t posted as often as I would have liked, I see a brighter future where posts will happen daily. Thanks to a friends suggestion, I’ll be utilizing the publicizing tool more that way if I have writing binges I don’t have to post them all at once and can have new material daily! How do you like them apples?

Also if you hadn’t noticed I had finally purchased the domain name to TurnTheRightCorner.com! We’re a DOT COM now! How official. If you also haven’t noticed, I’ve also set up a Tumblr account: turntherightcorner.tumblr.com.

I know my numbers are probably miniscule compared to the millions of viewers a day that great sites like /Film, Screenrant, FirstShowing.net, or FilmDrunk achieve, but hey, I would have thought I’d be getting about 20 views a day, so that says something right? So again, thank you to the past, present, and future readers of Turn The Right Corner.

I should be pushing out some reviews from all the great and horrible movies this year as I have seen pretty much a good chunk of them. So keep your eyes peeled.

Oh! And I will get that damn header done one of these days. I promise it will be kind of cool.

Best Picture Films I Should Probably See

Apparently I have seen 43 of the past 95 films of the last 19 years nominated for best picture at the Academy Awards. I suppose I need to get the ball rolling and sit down and watch some more flicks.

I sat down and looked at Wiki’s list and compiled those that I have seen versus the ones I have not.

After the jump you can see the list if you want……

Continue reading

and so it begins…

I caved……let’s see how well this turns out. Most posts will be my opinions, my likes, my dislikes, things I dig up on the web, and other interesting tidbits that circle around my life.