Neato: Movie Scenes Recreated Through Toys

Toy Story 3 Andy and Bonnie Playing

As a kid, your playtime could stretch boundaries as far as your imagination would let you. With your toy collection anything was possible and you could play out scenarios the way you wanted them to be seen.

As an adult, we rarely get the chance to have that childlike wonderment with all of the issues going on that have to be worried about. But sometimes there are those who take a minute to appreciate the little things and enjoy what they have.

Edward McGowan, professional photographer (I believe this is the same guy who hosts this website), has recreated infamous movie scenes through the use of some “child’s play things.” Check out scenes from Saving Private Ryan, Sin City, and Indiana Jones after the break! We’ve seen what can be done when grown men recreated full scale models of Lord of the Rings sets from Middle-Earth with Legos. Now McGowan expanded his mind and used the full plethora of his toy chest.

I had only picked out a few of my favorites, but the rest can be seen at NerdBastards. My favorite of the three, Sin City of course. These are all gorgeous shots, particularly the Saving Private Ryan scene, but my inner fanboy will choose Sin City, always.

The colors and tones of the shots really mesh well together with the essence of all of the films. Edward really captured great moments using his toys and I think these photographs are good enough to be full posters.

Now go check your toy bin, if you still have it buried away in your basement, and see what kind of imagination you can dust off.

Click the images below to enlarge:

Sin City Toy Scene
Saving Private Ryan Toy Scene Army Men
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Toy Scene Legos

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