Funny Comic-Con 2015 Cosplay Outtakes [Photo Gallery]

Just when you thought enough was enough, I’ve got a special Comic-Con 2015 cosplay outtakes photo gallery I know you will enjoy. While many photographers at SDCC prefer cosplayers to do action poses or some kind of stance in character, I like to bring a little more excitement into the mix by taking them out of character. And as much as their wonderful costumes speak to each individual’s own personality and tastes, my idea behind asking cosplayers to make a funny face or to do a silly pose is to bring a little more human element to their characters.

It’s also about letting cosplayers have more fun in their day and not having to do the same old pose. I’m not sure how it actually started, but I noticed when I began asking this of cosplayers that they were more than happy to oblige. I definitely enjoy seeing what everyone can come up with on the fly because each time is different. Certain characters such as the Survey Corps from Attack on Titan only have a few poses. Do you want to see Batman doing the same grim face or have him sticking his tongue out? Cinderella giving a stink face? No problem. Or how about Captain American taking a selfie? Asking cosplayers to do something out of the ordinary really opens the doors to their own creativity.

And that’s just my two cents. TL;DR? I want to give cosplayers the opportunity to be themselves and to have fun. That’s the point of this crazy madness of pop culture conventions, right? Make the fandom your own and have a blast doing it. I hope you enjoy the cosplay outtakes!

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Check out all the Comic-Con 2015 cosplay outtakes below:

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Comic-Con 2015

Preview Night and Thursday Comic-Con 2015 Cosplay Photo Gallery

This is the moment you’ve all been preparing for people. San Diego Comic-Con. The grandaddy of them all. The place for cosplayers from around the globe to show the world what they’ve got. Turn The Right Corner will be on the scene all SDCC weekend to capture images of cosplayers in their natural environment.

As I trekked out into the sea of people downtown San Diego, I noticed that there didn’t seem to be as many cosplayers out and about during Preview Night or on Thursday. I remained vigilant, and scoured inside and outside of the convention center to ensure we found the best cosplayers of the weekend. Although there were many awesome cosplayers, much of what I found related to X-Men, The Avengers, Batman and DC villains, and Star Wars. Of course, I was most happy to run into an incredible Mad Max: Fury Road family group. They were fantastic!

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Check out the Preview Night and Thursday Comic-Con 2015 cosplay photo gallery below:

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Comic-Con 2015

Chris Pratt Addresses ‘Indiana Jones’ Casting Rumors and Future with Marvel Studios

Jurassic World Super Bowl Trailer Screenshot Chris Pratt Owen 2

With his involvement in the 2014 blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy and the highly anticipated Jurassic World, Chris Pratt seems to be the hottest leading man in Hollywood right now. People can’t get enough of this loveable goofball. There have even been rumors buzzing around Hollywood of him being involved in other high profile roles such as the new Indiana Jones and Knight Rider. Hit the jump for the truth behind these rumors.

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Comic-Con 2014 Cosplay Photo Gallery [Over 300 Awesome Cosplayers Featured!]

Comic-Con 2014 Photo Gallery

San Diego Comic-Con, the mecca for cosplayers from around the globe has sadly come and gone. But we’ve got just the treat for you to relive that special time of year whenever you would like. We met with hundreds of wonderful cosplayers this past SDCC weekend who were kind enough to stop and pose for a picture, and we’d like to share them all with you of course. Check out our full Comic-Con 2014 cosplay photo gallery after the break. Continue reading

Dallas Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Photo Gallery

Dallas Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Gallery

The ever amazing attendees of Dallas Comic Con 2014 braved the Texas heat and humidity this past weekend to show off their amazing skills and talent at crafting the perfect cosplay. Fans from across the great plains of Texas and beyond came dressed to the nines in their favorite movie, video games, comic, anime, and TV show characters. Check out the full Dallas Comic Con 2014 cosplay gallery after the break.  Continue reading

Disney Creates an Empire with the Acquisition of Lucasfilm for $4.05 Billion

Walt Disney Buys Lucasfilm

Pixar, ABC, Marvel Entertainment,  and now Lucasfilm all rest comfortably under the watchful eye of the House of Mouse – The Walt Disney Company also owns 80% of ESPN shares, 27% of Hulu, and has a 50% of A+E Networks. With this new acquisition, the Disney powerhouse has already made plans to release a new Star Wars trilogy beginning with Star Wars Episode VII set to release by 2015. Details and more after the break! Continue reading

Neato: Movie Scenes Recreated Through Toys

Toy Story 3 Andy and Bonnie Playing

As a kid, your playtime could stretch boundaries as far as your imagination would let you. With your toy collection anything was possible and you could play out scenarios the way you wanted them to be seen.

As an adult, we rarely get the chance to have that childlike wonderment with all of the issues going on that have to be worried about. But sometimes there are those who take a minute to appreciate the little things and enjoy what they have.

Edward McGowan, professional photographer (I believe this is the same guy who hosts this website), has recreated infamous movie scenes through the use of some “child’s play things.” Check out scenes from Saving Private Ryan, Sin City, and Indiana Jones after the break! Continue reading

Nerdtastic Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

Of course some people may have always known that within Seinfeld there is a reference to Superman in every episode or that classic Disney animated features have secret sexual subliminal messages. But did thanks to Super Booyah, they have compiled a pretty awesome list of amazing Easter eggs that even you may have missed. Check out some great little movie/TV secrets after the break!

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TeeHee: Hipsters Have Taken Over Hollywood Too!

Previously, the world of Walt Disney was overtaken by the hipsters, and now, they have taken siege in Hollywood to not like movies before they get too mainstream; obviously. Check out which movies those tight jean wearing American Apparel emo rip-offs have tarnished after the jump!

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T-He: Indiana Jones Teaches The Importance of Table Manners

This PSA is to advise those who fear their table manners might be not up to par when it comes to dining with Indiana Jones. Thanks OneMinuteGalatica for helping us out in sticky situations. You can also check out their past PSA with Star Wars and proper space dating etiquette. Check out the Indiana Jones video after the break!

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