Easter Eggs from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The Dark Knight Rises Easter Eggs

Superhero adaptations have so much rich content to pull from that it is quite impossible to showcase every little detail from their lore in film. Thus is why it is extra special for fans that spot the little Easter Eggs throughout the films – much like how Pixar does theirs. This holds true especially for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight TrilogyBob Kane created Batman in 1939. How much history from The Batman was Nolan able to squeeze into The Dark Knight Rises? READERS BEWARE: spoilers lie ahead! 

First off, the most obvious easter egg was when Commissioner Gordon was lying in his hospital bed and mentions “giant alligators” in the sewers, which infers to the famous Batman villain Killer Croc.

Robin Easter Egg The Dark Knight Rises

At the stadium scene, right before the destruction, there is a symbol in the audience that may be recognizable to diehard Robin fans. Christopher Nolan had asked 10,000 extras to partake in this scene within Heinz Stadium and when this fan brought in a prop with the iconic Robin “R,” he allowed it to be kept in the film.

When Batman is chasing after Bane after the stock exchange robbery an older policeman tells his younger partner to, “sit back, you’re in for a show.” This is almost a direct quote from The Dark Knight Returns.

The filmmakers used inspiration from the following comics: The Dark Knight Returns, Knightfall, and No Man’s Land.

According to one Redditor, he noticed that within the scene where John Blake first meets Bruce Wayne, if you look closely you would have noticed two things from the 1960s Batman series: the red Batphone and a bronze head (concealed  a button that had access to the Batpole down to the Batcave). (Reddit)

Characters play a big part of the Batman Universe. One of the lacky antagonists known as Roland Daggett, President of Daggett Industries, is the creator of Renuyu. This rejuvenation product is responsible for turning Basil Karlo into Clayface, one of Batman’s most dangerous villains.

As a disguise before the stock market scene, Bane is shown wearing a red helmet and biker gear in reference to Batman villain, The Red Hood.

During the police chase scene after the bar shootout with Selina Kyle and the Roland Daggett’s men, there is a sniper shooting from a fire escape. This has been assumed to be Deadshot by many, but the character appears multiple times throughout the film as Barsad. John Barsad is the name of a character in The Tale of Two Cities.

The pit that Talia climbs out of can loosely be assumed as Nolan’s version of Ra’s Al Ghul’s Lazarus Pits.


Another Redditor loves his music so much that he noticed during the charity ballroom scene with Bruce, Miranda Tate, and Selina Kyle, the song that was being played is entitled, “Pavane pour une Infante Defunte” by Maurice Ravel. Translated, this song is called “Pavane for a Dead Princess,” foreshadowing the coming of Talia Al Ghul. (Reddit)

When Bruce and Lucius walk among their toys, Bruce says “Now you’re just showing off,” which is kind of funny because Jim Carrey says the same thing to Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty. 

The Dark Knight Rises has much literary connection to The Tale of Two Cities.  (A great explanation can be found at Slate.com)

And of course, at the end, when Batman is fleeing the city with a bomb to avoid Gotham casualties, we are reminded of Adam West’s heroics as Batman. (I won’t think of the end scene in any other fashion from here on out.)

Adam West Batman

So what are you waiting for, go see The Dark Knight Rises again and look for these Easter Eggs and more!

That’s all I got for now folks. Did you catch anything I may have missed?

25 thoughts on “Easter Eggs from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

  1. ******SPOILER ALERT*******
    •John Blake is a officer of the law, an orphan, and deduced on his own that Bruce was Batman. His real name is revealed to be Robin at the end, (Robin John Blake?? John Robin Blake???) and he takes up the mantle of Batman when Bruce retires.

    In the comics, Robin #1, Dick Grayson, moves on to become Nightwing, and his day job is an officer of the law.

    Robin #2, Jason Todd, was an orphan when Bruce found him, and later on after his death by the hands of the Joker, was resurrected by the Talia Al Ghul (to a degree) and took on the former costume of his murderer, the Joker, as the new Red Hood. (yes as affformentioned Bane is seen with a black leather biking jacket and a red helmet, on the speed bike like Todd’s Red Hood)

    Robin #3, Tim Drake, deduced Bruce Wayne was Batman and convinced him to give up his rule about never having another partner after Jason’s death. His name also rhymes with John Blake’s.

    In the much older comics, John(ny) Blake is a little blonde kid who is victimized by a newly reinvented Joker who plans to pull mean spirited pranks on his victims- little Johnny’s was his report card sabotaged and his grades changed to get him in trouble with his parents. (oh Mr. J- you BASTARD… Lmfao!!!!) But this also resounds whereas the Joker savagely beat Jason Todd/Robin to death, and in Bruce Timm’s Batman Beyond animated series, sees the Joker kidnap, drug, torture physically as well as psychologically Tim Drake/Robin and finally use surgical manipulation to transform him into his sidekick instead of Batman’s.

    Eventually, in the comics, all 3 of these Robins are or become orphans, and each one become Batman at some point after the Batman RIP story during Battle for the Cowl.

    So, in hindsight, John Blake is perfect mix of the best elements of these characters, leaving his real name as the prime source of Batman’s infamous sidekick.

    •Bruce and Selina retire together to live thier life in Italy at the conclusion of the movie. This could be a huge reference to the book “Catwoman: When in Rome” (Rome, ovbviously being a part of Italy) which takes place between two other books, “The Long Halloween” and “Dark Victory.” The book “Batman Year One” comes before “The Long Halloween” and all four can be considered one long story. “Year One” and “Long Halloween” were inspirations for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, while interestingly enough, Dick Grayson makes his debut as Robin at the end of “Dark Victory” in the Batcave. Many of the books that inspired the Nolan Brothers and David Goyer were written by Frank Miller (Year one; Dark knight Returns) and Jeph Loeb (Long Halloween; Dark Victory).

    •Another line in RISES: When Batman turns to Catwoman to finish his dialouge and sees shes gone, he says “Huh, So THAT’S what that feels like…” was a direct quote from “Kingdom Come” whereas Bruce is talking to Clark/Superman in the Batcave and when he turns, Superman has already left mid conversation, leaving Bruce bemused.

    •Here’s one not in RISES, but in Batman Begins, Batman gases Crane/Scarecrow and interrogates him while Crane sees him in demon bat-form. When he says “Crane!!!!” Crane answers, “Doctor Crane isn’t here right now- but if you’d like to make an appointment…” This also is said between Batman & Scarecrow in Jeph Loebs’ “Haunted Knight” which comes after his other two “Long Halloween” and “Dark Victory”

    •Selina’s younger blonde partner in crime was Holly Robinson, who is from “Year One” as well. She is has been featured often in the comics after her debut in that book.

    Also: In The Dark Knight, Mr. Reese, who is Wayne’s accountant for Wayne Enterprises, finds out Bruce is Batman due to the R&D dept which secretly provides him with Batman’s toys through Lucious Fox. Mr. Reese sounds like “Mysteries” or “Enigma” which may have been an ode to Edward Nygma- the Riddler. In Jeph Loebs “Hush” you find out that the Riddler deduced Batman’s real identity which is also foreshadowed in “Catwoman: When In Rome”
    Joel Schumachers mediocre film Batman Forever had Edward Nygma also working for Wayne Enterprises before he finds out Bruce is Batman.

    One most don’t know: The large black prisoner played by Tommy “Tiny” Lister, throws the detonator off the ferry, had strange brands/tattoos on his neck which may have been an ode to the psychotic villain “Black Mask” who bears the same exact tattoos. In the case, The Dark Knight portrayed the black prisoner as more of a good force than bad.

    The Joker also beats Batman with a crowbar in The Dark Knight while he is down and being attacked by Jokers’ dogs. He also beats Jason Todd/Robin with a crowbar before his death. In Bruce Timms’ Batman: The Animated Series: The Joker and Harley have two hyena-like dogs as thier pets.

    During Rises, The Crane/Scarecrow is the Judge sentencing Gothams’ elite, including Jim Gordon. In Batman: The Animated Series, a similar scene is done whereas Batman is on trial and the Joker is the judge.

  2. to go with the bruce almighty easter egg:

    Bruce Nolan in bruce almighty. And in DKR we have Bruce Wayne and director Christopher Nolan. “Bruce” Wayne + Christopher “Nolan” = Bruce Nolan

  3. And to further your Bruce Nolan/Wayne point, both characters say the same thing to Morgan Freeman’s characters (God/Fox): “Now you’re just showing off…”

  4. I think the leg implant Bruce Wayne uses in the movie is referenced from Superman – Kingdom Come where Bruce Wayne wears a back implant that enables him to stand and walk.

  5. As for The Dark Knight movie, some scenes have references from Gotham Central, including Joker’s escape from prison.

  6. on one of the cars in the movie the license plate is 792015. That could mean that that is when the next movie comes out with Batman, because there is supposed to be a Justice League movie coming out and 2015. So maybe either that or another Batman movie is coming out on 7/9/2015. (July 9th, 2015)

  7. I’ve been thinking a lot about whether or not they intentionally made Bruce look a LOT like Green Arrow when he shot the bow and arrow at the beginning of Rises.

  8. When Batman comes to help catwoman from Dagget henchmen, he jumps in to the fight in a much similar way to the iconic pose of the Dark Knight Returns comics (the one with the lightning on the background). I may be wrong (maybe when dvd comes out we´ll see better), but it feels like it.
    Greetings from Argentina!

  9. Furthermore, in The Dark Knight, Batman tackles Dent/Two Face off the building to save Gordon’s son, which is similar at the end of Batman: Year One, although Gordon’s son is just an infant, and the villian is different.

  10. Even more so- there’s a ton of easter eggs and throw backs to the original Burton/Schumacher franchise:
    -The Joker kills one mob member at a mob meeting, and one later on.
    -Upon Batman’s love interest meeting the Joker for the first time, he too meets the Joker for the first time and saves said love interest from him.
    -Batman’s love interest is saved from said villain, arrives in Batcave to receive information to use against the villian, and wakes up at home, only to go back out and join the fight.
    -The defeat of Two-face winds up with a last shot of his coin flip.
    -Joker has a chicken fight with Batman, Joker wins.
    Batman must make his way up through a tall structure and fight Jokers’ henchman to the top floor to the Joker.
    -Both Jokers when defeated are thrown from a building and are either saved by Batman’s utility harness or killed by it. As messed up as it is, Jack Nicholsons’ Joker dies at the end, but the actor is alive; Heath Ledgers’ Joker lives at the end, but the actor is sadly not. :( RIP miss u, dude…
    -Bane is a powerful ally/weapon, used for the purpose of an evil villainess.
    -The more developed Batman Begins batman theme, specifically in The Dark Knight, [track ‘Im Not A Hero’] heard after The Jokers’ bank heist during the mayor talking, has a similar, if not an identical match to Danny Elfmans’ Batman theme.
    -Batman’s main vehicle for driving, has been sabotaged, and has had a smaller vehicle come out of it.
    -Wayne Manor being invaded by the main villain.
    -A circular bomb being diffused by the hero into water.
    -Both Jokers wearing an alternate getup three times: Nicholson as The regular Joker, wearing makeup to look normal with Vicki Vale/and at the mob meeting, and different Joker makeup when he killed the mob member on the street. Ledger as the regular Joker with makeup, disguised as a normal cop without makeup to make him look like you or me, and as nurse Joker.
    -Two movies that take place under the sewers for many scenes and during winter.
    -Gordon working with a greedy slovenly partner/co worker.
    -Riddler/Mr. Reese works for Wayne and wants to fight/blackmail him after learning his true identity.
    -Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle together dancing at a costume party, although he’s the only one not wearing a mask.
    -Batman takes his mask off and suddenly his black eyeliner is magically off.
    -Both Catwomans are really smoking hot. lmao. that last one was purposely stated BECAUSE- they obviously really, really are. :P
    There’s a ton more.
    Check back later.

  11. Not so much to do with the extended universe, but Nolan seems to have included details for us to deduce the plot easily such as Talia being the person on the front of Bane’s bike when he leaves the stock exchange and Batman’s ambiguous choice of words when asked by Catwomen whether he’ll jump out of the batwing and he replies “no autopilot.” but stresses it as “no, autopilot” making it clear straight off that he’ll use autopilot, reinforced later by Fox. Nolan lays all of the answers out for the audience.

  12. couple of things I found in addition, after the second viewing, not much, but I think cool.

    Just before Bane and his crew begin their assault in the stock exchange building, there are two guys getting their shoes shined, they talk about the effect of Bruce Wayne returning to the public eye will have on the stock market. One asks the other if he thinks it will be good or bad and he responds with “good’, when asked about how he decided this he says, “I flipped a coin.”

    just thinking about how Batman is considered the “Greatest Detective” I thought it was fitting that Blake as the next Batman was literally a Detective.

    I also liked when Blake mentions officers asking him if he saw any large alligators in the sewers. I want to take that as a Killer Croc nod.

  13. Miranda Tate’s dialogue in two scenes that could’ve foreshadowed she was Talia Al Ghul :

    1. At the charity ball she mentions “You have to invest if you want to RESTORE BALANCE to the world.” right before bringing up the subject of their failed energy project. In “Batman Begins”, Ra’s Al Ghul stated this as his main motivation of why destroying Gotham City would improve the world.

    2. When Bruce is mock-captured by Selena & brought into Crane’s court in order to find & rescue Lucius Fox…he apologizes to Miranda for not being able to rescue her also to which she replies: “DO WHAT IS NECESSARY”. Ra’s also mentiones this to Bruce in 3 different aspects during his journey (his opinion as to why Bruce’s father failed to protect his mother & himself…thus resulting in their deaths, when he thought Bruce would fight alongside him when Bruce refused to execute a prisoner at Ra’s temple and later..in the train when he assumes Batman is finally going to kill him).

  14. where was the easter egg for Harley Quinn. When the Joker was at the hospital with 2 face, I was waiting and watching for the Joker to meet Harley. and another thing I wanted to know was, what were Jim Gordon kids names? because I could have swore his daughter was supposed to be batgirl, even though the boy had a connection to the bat.

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