‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Trailer Unleashes the 10 Plagues (119 Screenshots)

Exodus Gods and King Second Trailer

Theaters have been flooded with faith based movies this year; Noah, God’s Not Dead, Heaven is for Real, and Son of God, just to name a few. And here we have the latest trailer from Ridley Scott‘s Exodus: Gods and Kings, based on the story of Moses and the 10 plagues of Egypt. Are you not entertained? Watch the first full-length trailer after the jump. Continue reading

Retro Review: The Dark Knight

film review

When it comes to an epic film series, you may have a strong case in stating that the second film is the strongest. The Empire Strikes Back, T2: Judgement Day, X2: X-Men United, Spider-Man 2, Aliens, and The GodfatherPart 2 just to name a few. And The Dark Knight is no different. Taking a look back at the film that single-handedly put Christopher Nolan in the spotlight and paved the way for The Dark Knight Rises. After four years of its release, I review The Dark Knight. Continue reading

Easter Eggs from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The Dark Knight Rises Easter Eggs

Superhero adaptations have so much rich content to pull from that it is quite impossible to showcase every little detail from their lore in film. Thus is why it is extra special for fans that spot the little Easter Eggs throughout the films – much like how Pixar does theirs. This holds true especially for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight TrilogyBob Kane created Batman in 1939. How much history from The Batman was Nolan able to squeeze into The Dark Knight Rises? READERS BEWARE: spoilers lie ahead!  Continue reading

Retro Review: Batman Begins

film review

There is a movie that has come out this weekend, it’s kind of small, you may have heard of it before: The Dark Knight Rises. As most film junkies do, I am chronologically revisiting previous films in this trilogy so that the newest film can be watched in sequence. Thus we begin with Batman Begins. It may not have been the fuel to put The Dark Knight Rises on the radar for everyone to see, but it still has its merit for being a decently well put-together superhero origin story. But how does it hold up after seven years? Continue reading

16 Must See Movies Before ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The Dark Knight Rises Movie List

It goes without saying, you must see Batman Begins and The Dark Knight before you step one foot inside the theater for The Dark Knight Rises. This film has had fanyboys/girls’ loins wet from over excitement since the last shot of The Dark Knight with Batman escaping into the night. There are many great actors that hold together this epic, epic trilogy, but where else have you seen them before? I’m going to take you deep into the bowels of some of Gotham elite’s filmography, and present to you some films that highly reflect all of the actor’s talented abilities.  Continue reading

Second Full-Length Trailer Debuts for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

With only a few months until the epic conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Riseshas released yet another trailer to rile up fans before the big show. Is it possible that we will we see a superhero trilogy rise up to the occasion and deliver something beyond our expectations? Continue reading

The First Official Trailer for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and Screenshots

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Screenshot 32

Christmas has come early as the unstoppable force that is The Dark Knight Rises debuted its first trailer today. What can only be presumed as one of the most iconic trilogies in the history of cinema will be coming to an end and this is only just the beginning. The fire rose and the Internets raged as Apple trailers wouldn’t work at the start of the launch, but fanboys found a way to the trailer as they passed out from multiple nerdgasms. How will Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga end? Continue reading

Second Official Teaser Poster for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Poster

We’re really on a roll now. First the viral marketing for The Dark Knight Rises begins and now a new teaser poster of the most epic proportions has appeared on the Interwebs this weekend – and boy howdy does this poster look fan-freaking-tastic. If this is what a teaser poster looks like I can’t wait to see what a normal poster will behold. Continue reading

Operation Early Bird and Early IMAX Screenings for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Prologue

The Dark Knight Rises Viral Marketing Operation Early Bird IMAX Theater Locations

Officially at 10am PST “Operation Early Bird” revealed itself to everyone. What we got were coordinates and dates to early screenings for the prologue of The Dark Knight Rises, which is roughly around six to eight minutes long. Keep reading to find out the locations and how to get your ticket! Continue reading

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Viral Marketing: Operation Early Bird

It has now been completely confirmed, all of the previous documents from the other day have been linked to The Dark Knight Rises and we are in fact seeing the first stages of viral marketing for this film. (Happy dance.) Another vital document has been issued and has now directed fan attention to a countdown that will end today, at 10am PST – less than an hour of when I’m posting this unfortunately and fortunately. Continue reading