Three Creepy Teasers for ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Surface

American Horror Story Asylum Teasers

Those anticipating the arrival of American Horror Story: Asylum have been given a treat on the Internets this week as multiple promo teasers have revealed themselves with terrific disturbing imagery. It was last season’s marketing that got me to become a believer, and it appears to be working again. Although I was left quite conflicted by the first season, my faith has been peeking out of the shadows, anxiously awaiting to see how ridiculous American Horror Story: Asylum will play out. 

I believe creator Ryan Murphy likes to play things close to the chest, but always loves to hint at what’s in store. Within these teasers we get glimpses of what we can expect from Asylum with various imagery and haunting sounds. I like it, but I am still keeping some excitement reserved. The premise and the characters of American Horror Story: Asylum sounds promising, but then again so did the first season.

There is not much here to classify these teasers as spoiler territory, or so I can assume, but I would wager to bet that Murphy will include some of the visuals and characters in Asylum – just like he did with Rubber Man.

Let’s begin these teasers shall we? (Click on the images to enlarge)

American Horror Story Asylum Teaser

First, within the “Special Delivery” teaser we have a nun walking into the woods. It reminds me of Grimm’s Fairy Tale, Hansel & Gretel as she leaves “bread crumbs” behind her path. Many horror stories originate from fairy tales and I wouldn’t put it past Ryan Murphy to include fairy tale elements in his story making. Is she trying to entice something to follow her or maybe she is keeping something away from her? Or maybe it’s not a she at all? Knowing Murphy anything goes.

American Horror Story Season 2

The “Blue Coat” promo is probably one of the most terrifying to me because I don’t like the idea of that freaky nun staring at me. There isn’t anything truly menacing about this teaser. Despite the creepy nun, this one may be strictly a clue. Could the blue coat symbolize something? A new patient perhaps? Does the black and white nuns represent two sides of Jessica Lange’s character? See for yourself.

American Horror Story Asylum Hydrobath

Now we are getting somewhere. The most horrifying aspect of asylums are the treatments given to patients. Back in the good ol’ days – based on my stereotypical knowledge of asylums – quacks would test their patients with a number of odd treatments. The “Hydrobath” teaser is decently creepy, but it may be a different story if we saw the person’s face. What I want to know is will we see a lobotomy in this season? I hope so!

American Horror Story: Asylum lurks back onto the small screen in October on FX.

Source: Official American Horror Story Facebook Page

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