Three More Disturbing ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Teasers Appear

American Horror Story Title

Now that the American Horror Story: Asylum marketing has begun, horror fans are beginning to wonder what all these teasers mean? Earlier we saw three short Asylum promos, “Special Delivery,” “Blue Coat,” and “Hydrobath.” And now three more teasers have graced the Interwebs and have begun to crank up the freak factor. These newer ones are a bit more unsettling and I love it. Check out the “White Rose,” “Ascend,” and “Glass Prison” teasers after the jump.

We are taken further into Ryan Murphy’s rabbit hole of American Horror Story. These new promos have provided us with little detail with what to expect, and it’s doing a damn good job to keep at least my interest going. The characters and the story of Asylum seem intriguing enough to check out this season, so we’ll see how that goes.

I’m unsure how many more of these we will see, but they seem to be coming at a steady rate of one per day for the last six days. I hope we don’t get one every day until the show airs. We wouldn’t want to be given too much too soon, right? Now is the perfect time to tease the audiences, ease them into the show and then hit them with the big stuff two weeks beforehand.

American Horror Story Asylum White Rose

The “White Rose” teaser isn’t exactly what you expect. It is probably one of the most well done teasers I’ve seen so far. Very well executed. The “rose” is not what we believe it to be, and perhaps that’s what we should understand about the patients in the asylum.

American Horror Story Asylum Ascend Teaser

We are now ascending into madness here. Get it? It’s a play on words because this promo is entitled “Ascend.” Now some may find this creepy, but I just see this as stereotypical in most horror these days. I’ve seen people crawling around upside down in various other horror franchises before, and although this is creepy, it doesn’t really add anything. My favorite part is that they bring back the old music from the opening credits.

American Horror Story Asylum Glass Prison

“Glass Prison” is now waving us on home to horror town. It would almost appear as though The Joker is trying to escape from Arkham Asylum. In a desperate attempt at freedom by this patient or orderly, the screen fades to black and we hear a particular eerie sound. Could this be “Bloody Face” or could this be some other entity baited into the asylum by a certain nun? Speculate my friends, speculate.

What I would like to see in Asylum, based on the title of this promo, are glass cages/cells like in the basement of the remake of Thirteen Ghosts with Shannon Elizabeth and Tony Shalhoub; or better yet some other recent horror movie that I can’t spoil otherwise it would ruin all the fun! (If you know what I’m talking about you win a cookie!) Could you imagine the patients pacing back and forth among those. That would be visually sexy and scary!

What do you think about American Horror Story: Asylum so far based on what we’ve seen? Do you think any of these promos have anything to do with what we will see in the show?

American Horror Story: Asylum lets its freak flag fly this October on FX.

Source: Official American Horror Story Facebook Page

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