‘Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes’ PAX Prime 2012 Annoucement

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Demo Screenshot 9

PAX Prime 2012 may be two weeks behind us, but Hideo Kojima’s announcement of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is still stuck on my mind. This new entry into the Metal Gear Solid franchise is vastly different from anything we’ve seen thus far and looks to open up the world, literally, in ways we never thought the series would go. After the jump check out an incredible demo moderated by industry veteran Geoff Keighley.

Kojima typically keeps his projects close to the chest, but seeing how this year is the 25th anniversary of one of the most critically acclaimed franchises of all time, gamers were given a special treat with a 14-minute gameplay demo/teaser of Ground Zeroes.

Within the footage we are introduced to very subtle hints about what we will be diving into, but our protagonist is not Solid Snake, but rather Naked Snake or as we all know him as Big Boss. At the conference, Hideo Kojima considered Ground Zeroes as the prologue to the long awaited Metal Gear Solid 5. If you are not on board with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, let this video be a lesson to you, do not doubt Hideo Kojima.

First of its kind on the brand new Fox Engine, this gameplay footage is slick. Some fans of the franchise have noted that Revengeance lacked any sort of updated graphics in the MGS world. What the Fox Engine has done with the franchise has completely overhauled the entire look. This, in my opinion, in high-definition puts James Cameron’s Avatar to shame. And the best part is, that this was not a demonstration on the tech behind the Fox Engine and the sole purpose was the demonstrate Ground Zeroes.

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Demo Screenshot 6

I like that we are returning to Big Boss before Shadow Moses and Metal Gear Solid. There are still some questions many have wondered and the story behind Big Boss is rather interesting. As a prologue to MGS5, I can only assume that we have only begun to scratch the surface of the Metal Gear story.

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Demo Screenshot 10

You can see that some of the gadgets Big Boss gets to play with are slightly more advanced than in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The biggest and most exciting change to the series is the fact that Ground Zeroes is completely open world with the ability to now pilot/drive vehicles.

Stealth mechanics are just as necessary as ever and we see a return to form post Revengeance. The silliest thing that makes no sense to me is the fact that you can call a helicopter at will, giving away your position and playing to a tune of your choice – in this case we Kojima picked “Flight of the Valkyries” for this demo. (Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the screenshots.)

All things considered, this will be on my highly anticipated list until the day it is in my hands. I think it keeps to the dark tone of the MGS franchise while introducing elements of the game many have always wanted. The title doesn’t offer a real hint as to what gamers can expect, but my theory is that it has something to do with Major Zero. The real question is, can you run and shoot?

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is currently under development with no release date has been set, but is scheduled to debut on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: IGN

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