Seven Character Posters from ‘Les Misérables’ Lack Creativity

Les Misérables Movie Character Posters

We’re less than two weeks away until the inevitable movie adaptation debut of Les Misérables, which also means we are less than two weeks away until Christmas – scary, isn’t it? As the date quickly approaches, the buzz for Les Mis has also increased, but will that be strong enough to bring in non-musical fans? Check out seven character posters from Les Misérables after the break.

Advanced screenings have already begun and the praise for Les Mis couldn’t be greater. The same cannot be said about their marketing. In my opinion, musicals tend to be tougher to reach those whose regular digest consists of Adam Sandler and Michael Bay. Would it hurt the advertising department to convey musicals in a more broader spectrum rather than targeting those who are already interested.

Granted, the scope displayed in the trailer makes Les Misérables look absolutely gigantic and stunning. With director Tobe Hooper (The King’s Speech) on board, fans of the musical should expect an incredible adaptation. But that’s just it, the marketing seems to only try and click with those familiar with the property. Despite how well Les Mis does critically and how many awards it wins, the true test of success, when you come down to it, will be the box office figures.

If you look at the numbers, musicals fair rather poorly in the box office – Grease being the top grossing musical domestically ($188 million) followed bythe Oscar winning Chicago ($170 million). The best opening weekend is claimed by High School Musical 3 with $42 million, which only took in a grand total of $92 million throughout it’s theatrical domestic run. Sure their budgets are a lot less and they do make profits, but what’s stopping the genre to be a multi-billion dollar franchise like The Avengers or The Dark Knight?

There has to be a way to get through to movie goers that musicals are more enjoyable than what they believe. Right now, all they see is Glee and HSM, and after that awful Rock of Ages released this year, I’m sure audiences became even more turned off by the idea of musicals than ever before. Check out the posters for Les Misérables below (Click to enlarge the images):

Les Misérables Movie Poster Jean Valjean Hugh Jackman

What are they trying to tell us in these posters? Who are these characters? What’s with the dead eyes? I don’t know. There is absolutely nothing inspiring or attractive visually about these posters that would make someone stop what they were doing to go see Les Mis,  unless they are judging the film on pretty faces. At least the character posters for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey gave its characters a bit more life to them as they all differ greatly from the other.

Give us something more. I dig musicals – West Side Story has to be one of my favorites, but the marketing for the genre can’t keep pandering to just the fans. Broaden tactics, make the stories more appealing, but most importantly have fun with the subject matter so that potential movie goers will have fun too.

When someone is looking to buy a movie ticket for Les Misérables or Django Unchained come Christmas Day, which film do you think they will choose?

Les Misérables will release on Christmas Day, December 25 in the U.S. and January 11 in the United Kingdom.

Source: Imp Awards

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