Go Daddy’s Super Bowl Commercial feat. Bar Refaeli is Haunting

Bar Refaeli Super Bowl Commercial

Shock value and sex. When these two elements combine in Go Daddy’s Super Bowl 47 spot, they created one powerful commercial. Powerful in a way that it caused a lot of noise. This is far from being a good ad. But it did get people talking and that kissing noise will forever haunt my dreams.

I’m all for pushing the boundaries of advertising and consuming creative ways to market a product (KIA Soul Hamsters). In my opinion, this Go Daddy ad fails to market what they’re selling and diminishes the value of their name. They use to include quick blurbs about their various services before the random stripteases. In “Perfect Match,” they say Go Daddy can create a “killer” website for your small business, but the kiss between Bar Refaeli and Jesse Heiman overpowers the message and comes off as cheap shock value.

As horrendous as this commercial may be, it created so much buzz, Go Daddy likely got their return on investment. If all the advertisement was meant to do was to keep Go Daddy top of mind, they succeeded on all levels. But if we look at it as a straight commercial, this has to be one of the worst ever.
Super Bowl ads are suppose to be funny, kind of strange, sometimes sexy, but mostly entertaining. I’m not seeing any of that here besides Bar Refaeli looking gorgeous as always. What I do see is, “I’m Go Daddy. I’m shoving random, unjustified PDA in your face and this is how we do business in order to grab your attention. We can’t creatively market our services in an appealing way, so we’ll show you something that has nothing to do with what we’re selling.”

Go Daddy Bar Refaeli

Go Daddy has always been one to use a cheesy balance of sex and shock, but this draws the line. They’re using such extreme caricatures of “sexy” and “nerdy” that it’s almost offensive. It tells us that the company only sees stereotypes and they’re proud to let us know. And how is there a sexy side to Go Daddy other than their over the top commercials? Try as you might, your product will never be sexy, no matter how much you try and force the issue.

Utilizing this kind of content to keep your brand awareness on an all time high is classless. The image you’re showing to current or potential customers is now that of a garbage :30 second ploy to stir up conversation. Nothing more. Whatever brand equity you had prior to releasing this spot has been shattered. It will be really hard to build that back up.

On a side note. When I say that the kissing sound is haunting, it truly is. If you watched this commercial and were not disgusted by that over accentuated smacking noise, I will give you a high five. I feel bad for what the sound editor/mixer had to go through to produce that noise. It’s disturbing and I would love to pour bleach down my ear holes.

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