2013 Oscar Winner Predictions

2013 Oscar Winner Predictions

In one day, the biggest spectacle of glitz and glamor will invade our televisions, The 85th Annual Academy Awards. Just to have a little fun with the celebration, I have filled out my ballot and am ready for what’s in store for the big show. Check out my predictions after the jump, the answers may surprise you.

This year has bee quite the interesting awards season. The fact that Ben Affleck has continued to gain speed as the best director of 2012 only adds to the puzzlement as to why he was snubbed from Oscar gold. Last year’s Oscar winners were pretty predictable, but this year seems to be mostly up in the air. The race between Best Actress has come down to two nominees while Best Support Actor is a mystery.

Without dragging this out, here are my picks for the 85th Academy Awards. (I didn’t go over every single category, but you can see the full list of nominees here.)

2013 Oscar Winner Predicions Argo Best Picture

BEST PICTURE This will certainly go to Argo. There is too much momentum to have it any other way. If the Academy chooses Lincoln we’ll have another Crash on our hands. Silver Linings Playbook is the dark horse.

BEST DIRECTOR – Since Ben Affleck is out of the picture and the Academy consists of mainly white males with a median age of 62, my vote is on Spielberg. Ang Lee or David O. Russell told far better stories than Spielberg, but sometimes the Academy is just too predictable and crotchety.

BEST ACTRESS – Jennifer Lawrence versus Jessica Chastain. That is the big debate and probably the second biggest category talked about next to Best Picture. My vote goes to J-Law, but with how ‘Merica Zero Dark Thirty is, Chastain could come out the underdog. Naomi Watts is my dark horse.

2013 Oscar Winner Predicions Lincoln Daniel Day Lewis

BEST ACTOR – Daniel Day Lewis has this locked in. Period.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR – Arkin and Hoffman are on nobody’s radar. As much as I would prefer Hoffman to win, it will come down to de Niro, Jones, or Waltz. I can’t see Waltz winning again for practically doing the same thing in Inglorious Basterds, so my money is on Jones. He hasn’t had much momentum coming in, but Jones’ performance felt more powerful than de Niro’s and I’m going to predict that’s what the Academy will vote for.

2013 Oscar Winner Predicions Anne Hathaway Supporting Actress

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS – Forget Sally Field, that scene chomping raggedy Mary Todd Lincoln is so over the top that I just can’t say yes. Anne Hathaway in Les Misérables has it in the bag.

BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY –  Argo. With as much speed going into Best Picture as it has, Best Adapted Screenplay should be a given. Life of Pi would be my preferred winner, but Argo will be the Academy’s.

BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY – A lot of experts are picking Django Unchainedbut my gut is telling me Zero Dark Thirty. I’m basing this on the Academy’s demographics again and dislike for Tarantino – who hasn’t won since Pulp Fiction.

2013 Oscar Winner Predicions Wreck it Ralph

BEST ANIMATED FEATURE – Wreck-It Ralph is too much of a fun movie not to choose. It has great emotional beats, color, and a lot of heart. Paranorman and Frankenweenie were just subpar. And while Brave is good, it just didn’t feel as strong as Ralph

BEST FOREIGN FILM Amour hands down.

BEST ORIGINAL SONG – ‘Skyfall‘ by Adele


2013 Oscar Winner Predicions Anna Karenina Best Costume

BEST COSTUME DESIGN – Anna Karenina hit me harder in the costume department more than any of the other nominees. Everything feels so natural and elegant about it, there are no other comparisons this year.

BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE – I’ve heard great things about Searching for Sugarman and How to Survive a Plague (on Netflix Instant now). However, I’ve heard more good things about Sugarman, and that is my pick.

BEST ORIGINAL SCORE – Life of Pi. It just works on so many emotional levels that the other scores do not reach. It’s intense, engaging, beautiful, and most of all set the tone of each scene perfectly.


2013 Oscar Winner Predicions Life of Pi Richard Parker

BEST VISUAL EFFECTS – The trick of making aliens, goblins, and other creatures can be easy because we don’t know what they would technically look like. But recreating the actions of a living, breathing tiger and seamlessly integrating him into a film without telling the difference – most of the time – is just sheer madness. Life of Pi will win. Richard Parker FTW.

The 85th Annual Academy Awards will be presented tomorrow, Sunday, February 24, 2013, at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood and Highland Center, and televised live on the ABC. The event begins at 4 pm PST, but the show starts 5:30 pm PST.

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