Comic-Con 2013: San Diego Zombie Walk Recap and Photo Gallery

Comic-Con 2013 San Diego Zombie Walk Recap and Photo Gallery

Promptly at 6:30 pm PST in San Diego, CA a zombie outbreak occurred. The 7th Annual SDCC Zombie Walk hit downtown Gaslamp in a fury of blood and guts. Seeing the undead flood the streets of a major metropolitan area was a sight to behold in the midst of Comic-Con 2013. Led by the fearless Jennifer Musquiz, the SDCC Zombie Walk took the living by storm. Check out the full gallery of pics after the break.

Having only encountered the SDCC Zombie Walk for my first time last year, when I came upon Children’s Park – the official meeting spot – I was completely in awe of how many zombies turned out for this year’s walk. The park was overrun with spectators and the living dead. As the minutes were ticking down, Musquiz was rallying her troops and really hyping them up. But like any good leader, she maintained great composure and instilled a sense of responsibility in her zombie hoard. Laying down the rules, she encouraged everyone to have fun, but most importantly to be responsible and respectable so they could organize the walk again for next year.

As the walk began, I parked myself on the street corner – like any typical Saturday night – to capture all of the great zombie action for you good people. Every demographic was on board this year, and it appeared as though the turn out was twice as large as last year. Characters from Darkstalkers, Marvel Comics, Resident Evil, The Walking Dead, and original creations could be seen dressed to the nines in blood, guts, and peeling flesh.

When everyone had passed, I headed out for a quick meetup at a bar, but found that I had caught the zombies walking up Fifth Avenue. Zombies had spectators in the middle of the street as if a parade was going by. Luckily, with police coordination, the event was carefully monitored and the walking dead were able to trudge freely through the streets.

(Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images)

The next Zombie Walk in San Diego will occur right before Halloween on Saturday, October 26, and although it won’t be as large as this Comic-Con zombie walk, it is still a fun event to check out.

See what happened on Preview Night, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Stay tuned for more photo recaps each day.

For more Comic-Con 2013 coverage, follow the SDCC tag or you can find TTRC on Facebook or Twtiter for updates as they are made available.

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