D23 Expo 2013 Cosplay Photo Gallery

D23 Expo 2013 Cosplay Photo Gallery

Only weeks after Comic-Con, Disney kept cosplay fans on their toes with its third biennial D23 Expo. Gathering at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel fans converged to bring together some of pop culture’s most beloved characters. From Beauty and the Beast to Captain America, every branch of the wonderful world of Disney could be found at D23 this year in full costume. Check out the D23 cosplay photo gallery after the break.

After seeing all of the creative cosplay at Comic-Con this year, and making my first appearance at the D23 Expo, I was curious to see just what fans would bring to the table. Would there be more Star Wars characters than Disney characters this year since the acquisition, or would Marvel takeover the House of Mouse with The Avengers being so celebrated?

Surprisingly enough it was a good mix of characters from all across the Disney properties, but I have to say there was slightly more Disney characters overall. What really got my inner-Disney fan going was seeing cosplayers go above and beyond and proving how devoted to Disney they are. You wouldn’t see people dress up as ghosts from The Haunted Mansion at Comic-Con, but they were present here.

When I went into the Imagineering area they revealed one of the new “characters” that people could meet and take pictures with on the Disney cruise lines, Captain America. More Marvel superheroes were revealed throughout the weekend, but I just happened to catch Cap.

I think my favorite overall were The Little Mermaid cosplayers outside the convention center at the end of Saturday. Traci Hines (Ariel), Leo Camacho (Prince Eric), and Nina Grace (Ursula) did a fantastic job on their cosplays. It’s not just that they did their costumes and makeup accurately, but they looked just like the characters.

(Click on any of the images below to enlarge)

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