D23 Expo 2015 Cosplay Photo Gallery

D23 Expo 2015 has come and gone. Some major announcements from Lucasfilm, Pixar, Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Marvel Studios were made and the attendance was fairly high for being only the fourth D23 Expo put on by the House of Mouse. Although there was a lot of traffic and more to see and do this year, I was overwhelmed with how few cosplayers there were. But I didn’t let that discourage me. I sought out the best and most creative for you fine folk to share with you today.

A lot has changed at the Walt Disney Company since the last D23 Expo in 2013. The Lucasfilm acquisition was less than a year old, Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe had just kicked off with Iron Man 3, and Avengers: Age of Ultron was just announced at San Diego Comic-Con. Since then we’ve had a new live action Cinderella movie; only one new Pixar film (Inside Out); Frozen became a worldwide phenomenon; a talking raccoon and a sentient tree stole the hearts of millions; and a new Star Wars trilogy was announced along with various one-off films in-between the trilogy entries. With all this in mind, I expected a lot of fun, creative cosplayers to be out and about. Here are some of my reflections:

  • The lighting was super poor all throughout the showroom floor
  • It was super hot and I give huge props to cosplayers who wore makeup and didn’t melt
  • Inside Out was definitely the most popular of the weekend
  • The Little Mermaid seems to be every cosplayers go-to Disney Princess
  • With Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora tied for second
  • Belle, Rapnuzel, and Jasmine close in tied for third
  • Ursula is the clear Disney Princess Villain cosplayers love the most
  • Where were all the mashups? Now that we have all these big properties together, I expected more!
  • There was some love for Big Hero 6, but little love for Wreck-It Ralph
  • That Sergeant Calhoun cosplay tho
  • I had no idea Princess Parties were a real thing until this weekend
  • I was surprised by the lack of Marvel/Star Wars cosplayers; I guess they all got their fill at Comic-Con
  • And I’m happy to see Zootopia already has one fan already

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Check out the D23 Expo 2015 cosplay photo gallery below:

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Cosplay Credits (if I didn’t list you and you want credit for your cosplay let me know!):

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Hey I Got 5th Overall At Oscar.com!

So over at Oscar.com they had a little contest of trivial knowledge of Oscar history throughout the last month along with a ballot that would count for points as well. During the Academy Awards they also had live trivia that added more points and if your ballot had the right winner you would receive more points. Well……I got fifth overall some how and I don’t know how. It was pretty ridiculous. I did answer the questions everyday and I followed along all night. And my name was shown on the website. Woot! That’s pretty cool and I got some screen caps of the score. My final score was 46,371 with first place being 49,685. I was so close, but oh well. I got in fourth at one point into the night, but I slipped up some where.

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The 82nd Annual Academy Awards Winners (Live Updates)

Tonight is the big night and I’ve got the live updates of the winners as they come. The 82nd Academy Awards will take place on tonight, Sunday March, 7th at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood with a live telecast airing on ABC starting at 8PM (EST) / 5PM (PST) and hosted by Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.

Hopefully we’ll see the deserving winners, fun performances, great tributes and memorable moments. This was an amazing year of film and this should be a night that will be remembered in Hollywood. A great solo tribute to the late great John Hughes will also be done, which I am pretty excited for. ALSOOOO A SALUTE TO HORROR FILMS!!! Should be a great night.

And the Oscar goes too……

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My 82nd Annual Academy Awards Oscar Predictions

Tonight marks the 82nd Annual Academy Awards and will be the biggest night in film all year. It’s been a long time coming and who will land on top of this ridiculous year of film? With record breakers, e-mail controversies, and amazingly original stories, this night is going to be very interesting to see the outcome. I’m pretty excited, are you?! Well here are my predictions as I see them, I’m probably right, just saying you know………But seriously, hopefully I’m right because I’ll get some pretty cool prizes with my predictions with all the contests I entered. With out further ado……

And the Oscar goes to……

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