D23 Expo 2013: New Info on ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Teased by LucasFilm

Star Wars Rebels D23 Expo 2013

Although Disney kept most projects from the newly acquired LucasFilm at bay this weekend at D23 Expo – including that of Episode VII news – Star Wars expert Pablo Hidalgo treated fans to a few insights on the upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated series. Additionally, he also provided guests to some tasty bits of information about in-development theme park attractions. Learn more after the jump.

During the “Crash Course in the Force” event, Hidalgo reaffirmed that in Star Wars Rebels would take place between Episodes III and IV. Understanding this timeline, he goes on to suggest that there will be some kind of Jedi influence that will take place within the series as well. Based on the films, we know that the Jedi were all but extinct after Emperor Palpatine initiated Order 66 during the Clone Wars. I assume that Rebels will be the aftermath of this event.

Hidalgo pointed out after this discussion was brought on by a fan during the Q&A that “the Jedi always cast a long shadow on the galaxy,” which could make an impact on the storyline of Rebels. Quite vague, but mindful of his surroundings in revealing too much Hidalgo is.

Leading the conversation away from Rebels, Hidalgo was asked about a possible Star Wars Weekend at Disneyland, a LucasFilm sponsored event that takes place at Walt Disney World in Florida. Despite not having an answer to that question, which is pretty much the overarching theme of D23 Expo for anything Star Wars related, he did believe that the franchise would be greatly increased in the coming years.

Could Hidalgo be eluding to the “Orange Harvest” crates near the Imagineering section of the expo?

What would you like to see included in Star Wars Rebels? What kind of Star Wars attraction would you like to see added to Disneyland, or even Disney World?

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Source: /Film

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