Neato: Listen to Frozen’s “Let it Go” in 25 Different Languages

Disney's Frozen 2013 Movie Trailer Elsa Gloves
With the rise in fame of Disney’s critically and commercially acclaimed blockbuster, Frozen, the House of Mouse has recently release the full-length video version of “Let it Go” in 25 different languages. This special video of the two time Oscar nominated animated feature is the same sequence you would have seen in the movie except they have expertly cut and edited the scene as if Elsa could speak all 25 languages. It’s brilliant. Watch the full video after the break.

This video is magnificently crafted and harmonized considering there are 25 differed dialects presented in this four minute video. Hearing it in Mandarin is my personal favorite. Beginning with Idina Menzel, everything flows and transitions so well that it’s no wonder the song and film have been loved all over the world. The 25 languages included are:

English, French, German, Dutch, Mandarin, Swedish, Japanese, Latin American Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Castilian Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Korean, Serbian, Cantonese, Portuguese, Bahasa Malaysia, Russian, Danish, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Thai, Canadian French, and Flemish

In comparison between the two versions, English vs. multi-language, it is actually really hard for me to decide which I like more. Disney has done the multilingual version so beautifully and created an amazing showcase of languages from around the world that it is simply a sight to behold. However, while this multi-language version is great, I wouldn’t be able to sing along with it very well, which is a big reason we love Disney movies so much.

There’s no doubt that this video is a push for recognition during awards season. As if it needed it. Although it did not win the Golden Globes for Best Song, it has been gobbling up Best Animated Feature across the board.

Frozen will be released on home video Tuesday, March 18. See if it will win the Oscar Sunday, March 2.

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