Bring Home the Award-Winning ‘12 Years a Slave’ on Blu-ray and DVD March 4

‘12 Years a Slave’ on Blu-ray and DVD March 4

I’m predicting the future, and what I foresee is that 12 Years a Slave will win Best Picture at the Oscars on March 2 and the home video sales will skyrocket once it releases on March 4, the following Tuesday. That’s perfectly timed isn’t it? 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment announced today the big release date for one of the most critically acclaimed films of 2013 – it was in my top 5 that’s for sure. Check out all of the special features, along with the box cover art after the break.

Although Steve McQueen films are very rough to endure, they are some of the most incredible cinematic experiences you could ever live through. Hunger and Shame are pretty exhausting, but for as draining as it is, 12 Years a Slave is utterly fantastic on all levels. The writing, the performances, the score, the cinematography, and the direction work fluidly to create something so powerful. I could only hope for good things for Steve McQueen with this release to home video and for audiences to discover more of his work.

The Blu-ray and DVD special features for 12 Years a Slave includes:

  • A Historical Portrait (Blu-ray only)
  • The Team
  • The Score

Check out the plot of 12 Years a Slave below, courtesy of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment:

 It is 1841, and Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), an accomplished, free citizen of New York, is kidnapped and sold into slavery.  Stripped of his identity and deprived of all dignity, Northup is ultimately purchased by ruthless plantation owner Edwin Epps (Michael Fassbender) and must find the strength within to survive.  Filled with powerful performances by an astonishing cast that includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Brad Pitt and newcomer Lupita Nyong’o, 12 Years a Slave is both an unflinching account of slavery in American history and a celebration of the indomitable power of hope.

12 Years a Slave Blu-Ray Box Cover Art

12 Years a Slave releases on home video Blu-ray and DVD March 4, but you can get it on Digital HD on February 18.

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