TeeHee: Three Hilarious Parodies of Frozen’s “Let it Go”; and “Do You Want to !@#$ a Snowman?” (NSFW)

Disney's Frozen 2013 Movie Trailer Elsa Gloves

Nothing is sacred in this sick, twisted world we live in, not even the innocence of Disney Animation. And only after few months in theaters a handful of fans have devoted their creativity to produce some very clever parodies of Frozen that would turn Mickey Mouse red. One is an adult interpretation of “Let it Go;” another is the plight of an alto singer versus Disney songwriters; and the last is a parody of Elsa as if she had the ability of fire instead of ice. And then we have a bonus video that introduces some adult elements in Frozen you never thought possible. Although very well done and commendable, these four parodies are NSFW if your boss does not like cussing. Check them out after the jump.

Originated by Tumblr user Aihara Tenshi, a frustrated college student embracing her finals head on, she belts out a very amusing and very literal translation of “Let it Go” sung by Idina Menzel in the film. Short and sweet, Tenshi gets her point across very quickly. Her thoughts on the subject matter:

“In honor of finals, a raging blizzard, and needing to release some stress, here’s my short cover of Frozen’s “Let It Go”, with less “PG” lyrics, but probably a lot more true to its original message.”

Note: this is not a video she made, rather a video YouTube user TheSunkenHope put together using Tenshi’s sound clip

frozen fuckt it all

And then we have YouTube user Suteki Aozora aka Serena who is a bit fed up with the expectation that you have to be a soprano to sing a Disney princess song. It’s a good effort and a rightful challenge for Disney to think about in their next film. Serena has this to say about about the songwriters:

“In this song, I vent my rage at Disney songwriters and how there are never any tomboyish princesses with sexy low ranges, god dammit!”

And what if Elsa had the power of fire rather than ice? In collaboration of three others who wrote the parody (emmasdisneyworld, eternaldisneymagic, and tuiteyfruityundead), Soundcloud user Mo Mo O’Brien sung this little number entitled, “Let ’em Burn,” which is rather very fun to think about if she had this power instead.

Let em burn frozen parody

You’ll love this next bit if you are a fan of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Unnecessary Censorship” skits. YouTube user The Jake Vale Show mimics Kimmel’s use of bleeps to make a cute G animated film into a hard R smut fest. The result is hilarious:

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