Box Office Aftermath: ‘The LEGO Movie’ Continues its LEGOcy

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Rounding out the weekend of February 14-16, 2014, The LEGO Movie dominated over the competition again, leaving the box office battlefield victorious. Box Office Aftermath is an ongoing column dedicated to recapping the weekend’s total ticket sales. Each week, combatants enter the cinematic war zone, bloodthirsty for your cash. But there can only be one true winner. In Box Office Aftermath, we will take a look at the numbers, how previous contenders fared, and provide a brief analysis of the results.

Over Valentine’s Day weekend love did not prevail. However the box office was up 16 percent in sales.

Despite three new films all about gushy mushy love stuff and things, The LEGO Movie held its own very admirably. Only falling 27.6 percent in ticket sales, The LEGO Movie was able to obtain $50.01 million to its awesome domestic figures. Well over $100 million, The LEGO Movie has surpassed Ride Along as the highest grossing 2014 release of the year with $143 million. The LEGO Movie has also set a President’s Day weekend record with it’s four day haul of an estimated $63 million.

The top earner of the new releases this weekend, in second place, was About Last Night. Thanks to good word of mouth and decent reviews by critics About Last Night earned a respectable $25.69 million this weekend. We can most likely attribute that to Kevin Hart who may be one of the top earners of the year if he keeps this kind of positive juju going.

RoboCop debuted in third place with $21.7 million. Not terrible, but not great for a big budget, action blockbuster releasing in over 3,300 theaters. The holidays could have definitely affected this low turnout, but we can assume that nobody really cares about remakes. As far as action remakes go, it is the eighth best opening for the genre and fourteenth highest grossing, which isn’t bad. The Karate Kid ($173 million), The Italian Job ($106 million), and Gone in 60 Seconds ($101 million) are the top earners in that category. RoboCop is slightly behind the Total Recall remake which only earned $58 million in its lifetime in theaters and debuted with $25 million in the summer of 2012.

The Monuments Men held their ground in the top five coming in fourth place. Only falling 29.6 percent this weekend, Clooney and pals scrounged up $15.5 million. I’d have to say that is pretty good for a luke warm opening with mostly negative reviews.

And capping off the top 5 for the weekend is Endless Love. Opening to $13.2 million, this remake failed to capture romantics, which can mostly be attributed to the awful script and terrible marketing. Last year on Valentine’s Day, Safe Haven opened with $21.4 million.

Ride Along fell pretty hard from third to sixth, but only dropped 9.1 percent in ticket sales. Coming in sixth place, the film earned $8.72 million, which is good for its fifth weekend in the cinemas and on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Winter’s Tale however, as a new film, and a romance, debuted to a miserable $7.27 million in seventh place. This is one of the worst weekend openers for Colin Farrell who has not had much success other than Saving Mr. Banks, which he did not star in a main role. But at least he did better this time around than Dead Man Down which saw only $5 million in its debut last year.

Frozen has finally been knocked out of the top five and into eighth place this weekend. Walking away $6.21 million, the Disney darling has still come away with quite a respectable amount of money with The LEGO Movie sitting pretty on top of the world. For its twelfth weekend in wide release, it ranks sixth best over all other films  before it, which is kind of a big deal if you think about it.

And then we have Vampire Academy, which dropped from seventh to fourteenth in only its second weekend. The young adult wanna be Twilight meets Harry Potter fell 51.4 percent and raked in a sad $1.9 million. Overall the film has only gained a total domestic gross of $6.65 million. The budget of the film has not been released, but one could assume Vampire Academy has nowhere near made its money back yet.

(Click the image below to enlarge the charts. All figures are domestic box office estimates.)

Weekend Box Office Estimates 2014 February 16

Until the next weekend bout, this has been your Box Office Aftermath.

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Source: Box Office Mojo

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