Neato: The History of the Movie Trailer [Video]

The History of the Movie Trailer Video

Celebrating a monumental centennial, the folks at Filmmaker IQ have developed a video entitled, “The History of the Movie Trailer.” A fun retrospective of everyone’s favorite pre-screening appetizer, Filmmaker IQ has provided a nice history lesson for film buffs and the average moviegoers alike. Check out their video after the break.

Everyone loves movie trailers. It’s what gets us excited for what’s to come and they also bring a short form of entertainment before that get the room buzzing to ramp up the energy before the big show.

This History of Movie Trailers is no brief summary of the medium, but rather a short documentary. And within this 15 minute video, no stone is left unturned. It’s rather interesting to find out exactly how they were first made and the mindset of how popular they became. As a marketing professional, I found this to be quite fascinating actually.

The fact that trailers have been around since 1913 is pretty impressive. Filmmaker IQ does a great job running down the earliest trailers and the development of movie marketing to honoring some of the most revered trailers of all time.

Breaking down some of the most notable trailers, we find ourselves looking back at Casablanca and Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Two incredible pieces of cinema that, thanks to their trailers got many butts in seats opening night.

Filmmaker IQ also does a great rundown of Stanley Kubrick’s filmography of trailers for Lolita and Dr. Strangelove. With how bizarre of concepts Kubrick’s films were, you can bet the marketing had a big hand at drawing a crowd.

And then they close on Jaws, one of the trailers that would evolve the game as we know it for summer blockbusters.

I would have liked to have seen Filmmaker IQ tear down some of today’s modern trailers and how much they give away. It’s almost as if marketers want to tell the whole story and don’t even bother keeping anyone in suspense.

Where do you see the future of trailers going in cinema?

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Source: Filmmaker IQ [via The Film Stage]

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