Elsa from Disney’s ‘Frozen’ is Coming to ‘Once Upon a Time’ for Season 4

Disney's Frozen 2013 Screenshot 1
The Frozen gravy train hasn’t dried up yet. ABC’s Once Upon a Time will be enjoying a piece of the animated film’s success by introducing Elsa as a character in the upcoming fourth season. Those who watched the season 3 finale this past weekend got their first look at the Snow Queen. You can check out the official teaser image, as well as the scene, after the break. 

After destroying the worldwide box office this past holiday season and into 2014, Frozen has become franchise gold. And now Disney has its sights to bring everyone’s favorite misunderstood Disney Princess to the small screen before she hits Broadway.

I do not watch Once Upon a Timebut I dig the concept and need to check it out one of these days. For those who missed the season 3 finale last night, here’s the clip that introduces Elsa (I would suggest getting to the 1:50 mark because the scene leading up to Elsa is a bit soap opera-y):

As much as I am weary of spoilers, I don’t think this reveal is anything to get worked up about because there is absolutely no context to the Elsa’s arrival. They don’t even have her cast yet. Like I said, I have never watched an episode of Once Upon a Time, but is it me or does that animation look absolutely terrible? Maybe I’m just use to watching Game of Thrones and their incredible dragons.

And then earlier today it was Tweeted that she would be joining the cast. So it’s not as if Disney/ABC is considering this announcement as a big spoiler, I see this more as a ratings grab.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Elsa Frozen Once Upon a Time

Along with the Snow Queen, the Knave of Hearts will also be joining the cast of characters in season 4.

The premiere date for season 4 of Once Upon a Time has not been officially announced, but we can most likely expect to see it come back this fall.

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Hat tip to: /Film

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